Silence is golden: Why more people are requesting treatments without chatter

The ‘silent treatment’ might not sound like the most welcoming of customer service tactics - but the world looks different after the pandemic, with more people looking for calmer, less stressful experiences.


A report published in the Guardian revealed more clients were asking for more quiet time during their hair, beauty or grooming appointments. This isn’t just a 2022 trend though – stories began to crop up last year across the beauty industry of salons offering the option of keeping things quiet.

With no talking becoming a popular request, we look at what could be behind this trend, and how you can get involved using Fresha's customisable client forms.


The right to remain silent

Clients all have their individual needs, and there are many reasons why some might prefer a silent treatment – whether it’s wanting to check socials or read a magazine, needing some quiet time, or just loathing chit chat in general. Whatever the reason, respecting your client’s wishes is the best route to gaining their repeat custom.

You know your clients better than anyone, so most of the time you can predict if they’re in the mood for a chat, or if they’d rather zone out while you work on them. That said, it can be difficult to know what the right course of action is to take with new clients. 


Give them the choice with our free forms

Fresha’s appointment scheduling software is free for anyone in the hair, beauty and wellness industry – but that’s not all. Many of our other features are also free to use, including client notifications, Fresha’s ecommerce store feature and client forms

Client forms are sent to clients at the time of booking, giving them ample time to complete the questionnaire before their appointment. These forms not only improve efficiency and save valuable treatment time on the day, they also ensure there’s no misunderstanding or miscommunication, as you have everything in writing.

And, if your clients fail to complete their form in advance, you can always send them a reminder to give them a little nudge. 

Fresha forms are fully customisable so you can tailor the questions to fit both your brand and business needs. They also allow you to ask clients personal questions without any awkwardness – like whether they would prefer to enjoy their service experience in silence, or if they welcome conversation. 

Clients will appreciate this low-pressure approach, making it easier for them to be honest about their needs, and further strengthening that all important client-stylist/therapist bond.


Aside from all of these benefits, another bonus of the client form is that it’s another automated service on Fresha. So, you need only set it up once then it’s automatically sent each time a booking is made through the Fresha website or app, with client preferences stored on the platform to be referred to as and when needed.

Put your clients’ comfort first and make the day to day running of your business easier with Fresha’s online appointment scheduling software for salons and spas.

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