Boost your sales with star power

When a public figure promotes your brand, it can give a welcome boost to your sales as well as social media engagement. But although big brands with larger budgets can swing ad campaigns fronted by celebrities, that doesn’t mean you can’t grab a slice of the action too.


The public obsession with celebrity culture is no secret: people want to dress like them, style their hair and makeup like them, use the same products, and even take holidays where they do. The best brands are savvy to this, and jump on opportunities to use celebrity influence in their marketing campaigns. 

Here are some ways you can use the allure of celebrities and influencers to shine the spotlight on your salon.


Encourage clients to ‘get the look’

Keep an eye on the latest TV, social media, and news to spot the current, or next, influential looks. If a famous face or influencer has adopted a new style or trend, use it: it’s a golden opportunity to encourage your clients to style-steal, and capture that same look. Platinum blonde, the 80s mullets, fillers, cupping… whatever it is, deliver your celebrity-inspired marketing quickly using our Blast campaign feature

Tip: Use Fresha’s Blast marketing tools, then amplify your messaging by highlighting your team’s expertise on your socials channels and blog. You could also post before and after images of your work to get more bookings and people interacting with your profile.  


Review celebrity style

Use your social media, blog and blast campaigns to spark conversation with followers analysing celebrity styles and inviting clients for a free consultation to see which look will work for them. Not only will it prompt followers to imagine rocking a new look, it will also encourage more social interaction like comments and likes on your page.

Tip: Consider running a poll to canvas opinion on favourite celebrity styles, and tie it in with a ‘win the look’ competition to drive engagement and participation. Plus, if entrants agree to the publishing of before and after shots as part of your offer’s T&Cs, you’ll have marketing material you can use even after the competition’s closed.  


Reach out to local celebrities and influencers

If you have some budget set aside and you’re lucky enough to know of a celebrity or influencer who lives nearby, ask if they’ll endorse your salon.

Celebrities may be harder to reach (and are likely to charge more), but influencers are in the business of endorsement. Research who’ll complement your brand and resonate with clients - a simple tag of your business on one of their posts could make a big impact on your bottom line sales. 


Have a clear plan and goals: Prepare a basic marketing plan you can share with them that outlines your request and expectations. For example, asking them to tag your brand in a post or reel, or inviting them to speak at a VIP event which you’ll invite trade and local press to. You can use your client list on Fresha to send a blast campaign to promote ticket uptake for the event. 

Keep it local: Select influencers in your area as it’ll increase the likelihood of their followers becoming your newest clients. 

Look at their media kit: It will indicate their fees (the more followers, the higher their price) and should highlight examples of previous sponsored partnerships to give you an idea of what they can do. 


New and micro-influencers are often happy to receive free products or services in exchange for content. You could also consider approaching local journalists - a product or service review from them could be a real asset.

Make sure you track the results of your collaboration so you can evaluate its success before you move forward with further sponsored promotions.  

Find out more ways you can promote your business and reach clients with Fresha’s marketing tools, or see how else Fresha’s subscription-free booking software can help your wellness and beauty business grow. 

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