3 ways Fresha reviews can boost your business

You’ll no doubt be aware that we’ve recently made some exciting changes to Fresha that give our partners even more free-to-use features. Removing online booking fees and improving the user experience with a new look and feel is among our latest enhancements - and we’ve included free reviews too!  


We’re sure you’ll agree that this is great news for your business – but do you know how to make the most of this new service? The power of a good review is undeniable. A survey by the Speigel Research Centre found that 95% of clients will check out reviews to help them choose a service, so this is a great opportunity to attract new clients, push your business up the Google search rankings, and gain some well-earned free marketing. 

Reviews are so important to reassure potential clients and instill confidence in your services. Here are 3 ways you can boost your salon or spa business with Fresha’s free review service.

1. Do good, look good

We know that around 95% of your clients will have checked out reviews before booking an appointment with your spa or salon, so first things first. Make sure you activate the review functionality for your business, then as soon as an appointment has been completed, you can auto-send a request for them to review their service or treatment.


Gather enough good reviews and you can start building trust in new clients before they’ve even stepped through the door. The experience of your clients is more powerful than just about any other form of advertising or promotion and their endorsement is the best PR you can get too. Reviews let potential clients know what they can expect regarding your services, and they can even rate the ambiance and cleanliness of your workspace. Look professional, act professional and give amazing service, and you’ll soon be on your way to some excellent feedback that will inspire other people to come to your salon. 

2. Free advertising

Advertising requires a lot of investment, but harnessing the power of great reviews is the best form of free advertising, as your clients are effectively doing your marketing for you!


To maximise their benefit to your business, display reviews on Google Reviews, publish them on your website and promote them across your social media. You should also use them on any marketing material in the salon and via Fresha’s marketing tools. For example, if you receive a handful of 5-star reviews for colour, why not run a campaign for all clients who don’t use your colour services, along with an incentive to encourage them to experience your colour expertise?   

Here’s some extra guidance on how to manage your reviews 

3. Higher Google ranking = more bookings

If you haven’t already, it’s essential to start using Google to promote your business. To do this you need to create a Google business profile – or search for your business on Google and claim it as your own. 


Creating a Google profile is easy to set up and the more great reviews you get, the further up the rankings you climb. Encouraging each client to fill in their automated review form, could see your business rise up the rankings so it’s an important feature that you should utilise to its full potential. Also, as consumers won’t scroll through pages of search results to find what they want, reviews can really help your Google visibility and generate new clients.

Using reviews for marketing and self-improvement 

Receiving great reviews can give you a real buzz, but whilst you’re using them to achieve greater success, remember there are also ways in which reviews can help you become a better business, deliver improved services and refine your offering.  


Inviting clients to review their experience provides a valuable insight into what they think and highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Use review intelligence constructively to keep improving your service, so it never falls below the standards you set or would expect to receive yourself. Review ratings are there to be learned from; they can help you to revise your services, adapt your approach or review your products or team to continually strive for improvement. 

Remember also that a large percentage of less than satisfied clients tend to shy away from complaining and are more likely to stop coming and find an alternative salon. Reviews give you an opportunity to connect with your clients, find out what you can do to restore their trust, and turn a negative experience into a positive review next time. Issues happen from time to time in any business, but the measure of a great salon is how issues are resolved – reviews can help you do that too!

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