How this hair salon gets 5x more bookings with a single social media integration

With Fresha’s social media integrations and memberships, Citryne Rose’s stylists are always fully booked, and clients keep coming back for more. 

Business type - Hair salon
Location - Manhattan, New York
Features usedOnline bookings, social media integrationmemberships

About Citryne Rose

Specialising in luxury care for textured hair, Citryne Rose stands out among New York’s salons as an example of innovation and success in a competitive market.


The challenge: helping Citryne Rose elevate new stylists and keep their calendars full

As Citryne Rose grew, they hired more stylists to handle the increased demand from clients and let their founder, Julie Dastine, spend more time running and growing the business. But getting those new stylists recognised and booked in a competitive market was hard; and when they did get booked, managing their appointments manually cost them valuable time.

Citryne Rose needed a way to easily promote their new stylists, get them booked, and keep their calendars full. On top of that, they needed to streamline their booking process so the team could spend less time on appointment admin, and more time doing what they do best. 

"The demand was there, and we had talented new stylists ready to work – but I needed a way to introduce them to clients and fill their calendars." 

- Julie Dastine, Founder of Citryne Rose


The solution: a “Book Now” button that turns Citryne Rose’s Instagram into a booking powerhouse

Citryne Rose joined Fresha and used our social media integration to add a “Book Now” button to their Instagram profile. Now, when any of their Instagram followers view their social media content around Citryne Rose’s new stylists, like treatment showcases or reviews, they can book appointments with those stylists right then and there.

Monthly memberships that keep clients coming back to the salon

Monetising their social media profiles with a “Book Now” button also gives Citryne Rose the perfect platform to sell their memberships, which let clients book services in bulk months in advance. This helps them stand out from the competition while keeping their stylists’ calendars filled long-term and securing consistent revenue.

“Before Fresha, we were overloaded with emails and phone calls. Now, clients can book themselves. At least 80% of those bookings come from our ‘Book Now’ button on Instagram.”

The result: 5x more appointments and a fully booked team

Fresha gives Citryne Rose everything they need to shine the spotlight on new stylists and keep clients coming back for more. Their social media integration has led to:

  • 5x more bookings
  • 5-figure sales from their memberships within 6 months
  • 80% of their bookings coming through Instagram

Citryne Rose has since moved to a bigger venue to handle the boom in business. Plus, now that they don’t have to spend hours on the phone, the whole team can focus on valuable tasks that grow the business.

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