How Sean-Jordan Baruch grew his hair loss clinic during lockdown

With over 20 years of experience, 20,000+ successful treatments, and 10,000+ satisfied customers, Sean Jordan Baruch and the team at Baruch Hair Loss Clinic are quickly becoming one of the leading hair loss clinics in the UK.


Offering advanced hair loss treatments at an affordable price, Sean and his team have spent years helping men and women regain their hair and their identity.

As a major player in the UK hair loss industry, we wanted to find out how making the switch to our market-leading scheduling software has changed the way he runs his business, and how he sees the industry changing in the future.

When Sean-Jordan decided to set up his first business in 2003, his decision to enter the hair loss industry was a personal one:

“I have suffered from hair loss which gives me the edge on how my clients feel. Many of my family are medical professionals [and] I have a passion for giving people their confidence back and improving their lives.”

Since then, his business has gone from strength to strength, and staying up-to-date on the latest procedures and solutions available has been the key to their success:

“My business has improved with the amount of research we do to facilitate all patients with hair loss problems. We even built an operating theatre to carry out hair transplants in 2015.”

With plans to expand their services across the UK and Europe over the next five years, it made sense to switch to a software provider that kept things simple:

“I paid a company in London for a sub-standard booking platform which was very complex and confusing. Fresha is designed with simplicity for the end-user and is relevant to our industries. Genius concept.”

Since making the switch to Fresha, Sean-Jordan has benefited from a growing catalogue of features designed to help users manage every aspect of their business in one place, and picking one feature that has been most beneficial for his business and clients was an impossible task:

“The invoicing is made so easy, stock taking, staffing, software, taxes, etc. There are so many!”

As one of the very few businesses that were allowed to remain open throughout lockdown, it was important for Sean-Jordan and the team to create a safe space for clients who depended on their services:

“We became a Covid-protected facility on the inception of the pandemic. PPE, splash screens, temperature auditing, and strict ruling. Most of our consultations are now done by video links to prevent close contact. This has worked extremely well. Surgery continued through all lockdowns and business has really boomed during the pandemic.”

It’s been a year of great unrest for beauty and wellness professionals across the globe, and as we begin our transition into the new normal, Sean-Jordan remains confident that demand for their services will be bigger than ever:

“Hair and beauty will always survive due to the massive demand for our services and advancements in the field.”

And for anyone considering switching to Fresha, he has this to say:

“You will not be disappointed. It only gets better. 100% recommended.”

Sign up to Fresha now and start managing your business in one place.

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