How Paulista Ladies Salon use Fresha to refocus their energy on their clients

Since August 2019, Nina Yarotskaya and the team at Paulista Ladies Salon have been offering high-quality, affordable beauty services to the women of Dubai. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength and continues to set the highest standards possible for the services they provide, the technicians they employ, and the hygiene standards they practice.


We sat down with Nina to find out what has been their secret to success and how Fresha's free appointment scheduling software has helped them achieve it.

Since day 1, Nina has known exactly what kind of services she wanted to provide. 

“I was in search of a service in Dubai that would offer the same high-end, affordable quality that I’d found in Brazil and Russia. When I finally started my journey in 2018, I knew that I wanted to offer the same quality services performed by talented technicians at a good price 💅🏽💇🏻‍♀️.”

Achieving these same beauty standards was never going to be an easy task, but the team was quick to understand which areas of the competitive beauty market they should be targeting and how they could stand out from the competition. 

“We became conscious of our strengths and set high standards for our technicians and services. We are extremely aware of hygiene best practices and who our target audience is. The pandemic made us realise that life is short and even being part of a business that promotes beauty, we understand that some peoples priorities have changed. We admire those who are on this journey with us to find the beauty within ourselves.”


With a healthy appetite for beauty in the Dubai Marina area, they quickly became the go-to salon for women who were looking for more than just an hour in the chair.

“We have really learned to appreciate the clients (our beautiful ladies) that know the service we offer has value. We focus on having a human connection and don’t tend to look into the numbers that much. Our loyal clients talk about us to their family and friends, and in a market that is not used to promoting loyalty we find ourselves to be the hidden gem that you want to find.”

Traditional word of mouth still plays an important role in the beauty and wellness industry, but for businesses who are looking to broaden the scope of their client base and start attracting new business online, finding an online booking system like Fresha can be a game-changer. 

“It was the online booking system and possibility to inform clients about their appointments and staff about their bookings without draining our admin staff that first made us switch to Fresha. The software is really easy-to-use and we have gained time back to focus on other business needs.”


When making the switch to digital, finding a salon software that offers amazing customer service, great tools, and good value for money might seem hard to come by, but with 24/7 support, loads of free-to-use features, and zero subscription fees, Fresha has everything the team at Paulista Ladies Salon needed to grow their business.

“Fresha is great value for money and we continue to have the best support a business could wish for 😍.

The team is so patient and is always available to answer my inquiries. They are always seeking feedback  on how they can do better and finding ways to make our life hassle-free. The customer service has been amazing and the continuous development of new and exciting features is something Fresha does better than any of its competitors.”


It’s been an interesting couple of years for the beauty and wellness industry, but for Nina and the team, it has given them time to reassess their priorities and make things simpler for the business and their clients.

“Since reopening our doors, we’ve made sure that we plan for both ends of client interactions - the clueless ones and the over-afraid ones. Since we know most of them, we’ll always check how they’re feeling, and we’re always on hand to give them recommendations (don’t cut your own fringe 😱!) We have started taking a less is more approach to our work - less waste and more time on our clients. We love what we do and offering high quality services at affordable prices continues to be our goal.”

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