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Trinity Health & Living Store

Welcome to the Trinity Health & Living Online Store

A $77

Additional person/pet for spiritual clearing as part of space clearing

This is to add on a spiritual clearing for an occupant in your household

A $202.50

Distance Healing

Distance/remote shamanic energy healing

A $203.50

Distance/Remote Space Clearing

Energetic clearing of a house/space/workplace/apartment etc by distance or remotely

A $50

Goddess energy spray

Goddess spray to connect with the Divine Feminine within you. Not available for international orders

A $68

Monthly Group Spiritual Clearing (one-off purchase)

A $80

Mother's Day Package - RECHARGE Remote Healing Session

Remote healing session as part of Soulibrium's Mother's Day Package

A $113

Remote Spiritual Clearing

Removal of negative entities/energies from your energy field

A $50

The Trinity Spray

100ml The Trinity Spray. Not available for international orders. Australia only.

A $60

Remembering Atlantis spray

Clearing out the distortions from the Atlantean timeline. Not available for international orders.

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