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Remembering Atlantis spray

Clearing out the distortions from the Atlantean timeline. Not available for international orders.

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100 ml


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One of the main focuses of Atlantis was technology, and the Atlanteans were quite scientifically minded. At the peak of Atlantis, spirituality and technology were harmonious and abided by the Universal laws. The technology eventually became distorted and corrupted so that ultimately, it was used to the detriment of others (e.g AI and mind control). This spray moves through your multidimensional being and clears all such distortions by working with your cellular matrix and DNA. With the purification comes an opportunity for you to receive the purest and highest vibrational Atlantean frequencies. This spray is encoded with sacred geometry and the Atlantean Remembrance Crystal. This spray is created in batches - all those who are custodians of the spray in a particular batch are connected energetically. Your use of the spray creates a new energy grid and passes information between the others, to further assist in magnifying and raising consciousness throughout the world.

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