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The Trinity Spray

100ml The Trinity Spray. Not available for international orders. Australia only.

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The Trinity spray is a spray to assist in clearing, healing and protecting your energy field. It's a lot more powerful and potent than any of my other sprays... I have been receiving downloads of the ingredients and energy to be imbued in this spray over the period of 2 weeks and it's quite different then anything I've made before. This spray contains the following energies: * Christ Consciousness * Unconditional Love * The frequencies of the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 369hz (this is directly through Nikola Tesla) * The balance between the Trinity of the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine & the Kundalini (or Holy Spirit) The essential oils used in this spray are geranium, patchouli, wild orange and ylang ylang. The spray black tourmaline and rose quartz essence. For more information about this spray and to feel the energy, please head to the video:

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