Distance/Remote Space Clearing

Energetic clearing of a house/space/workplace/apartment etc by distance or remotely

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Just like your physical and energetic body may get “dirty”, the same concept applies to your space where you live/work/etc. Have you ever walked into a place that has felt dead, uninviting, cold and even toxic or something just feels off? It’s probably like that because the space has not been energetically cleared. With a distance/remote space clearing, I tune into your space and energetically cleanse it and then anchor in the energy that you would like to have in that space. I work with the Spirit of the Land and my and your Spirit Guides to energetically cleanse the space. Once finished, you will receive a detailed written report which contains information regarding what was done with the land and each room in your space. I will need a floorplan (hand drawn is fine) and your address in order to proceed with the clearing. Once purchased, I will contact you to discuss timing.

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