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The City of Grand Bazaar, JHJF+623, San Juan Bamboo Village, San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation



1h 30min - 5h

From TTD 300

Hair Gloss (Service Add-on)


TTD 100

Brow Wax


TTD 50

Clean Shave/One Level Haircuts


TTD 100

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Shify’s Fab Hair

Shify’s Fab Hair



El Socorro Road, San Juan, San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation

Color (leave out)


From TTD 100

Eyelashes 2 days course


TTD 3,000

Bottom lashes


TTD 60

1 day lace wig course


TTD 1,600

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Mentors Unisex Salon

Mentors Unisex Salon



Eastern Main Road, 161 Petit Place, San Juan Petit Bough, San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation

Bleaching &coloring of hair

2h 15min

From TTD 350

Hair color


TTD 200

Men's loc's coloring

1h 15min

From TTD 250

Double joy


TTD 400

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Turning Heads@142

Turning Heads@142

119 First Street, San Juan Barataria, San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation


Temporary hair rinse


From TTD 300

Hairline Colour

1h 30min

From TTD 300

Highlights and Colour

2h 30min

From TTD 700

Highlights Only

2h 30min

From TTD 500

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Hair Colouring FAQs

Having your hair colored by a professional colorist should cost around TTD 300.

Anything from 2-8 hours depending on what you’re having done and the condition, length, and natural color of your hair.

Your complexion, eye color, and your personal style. Some hair colors can make your skin look dull, so choose a shade that will complement your skin tone. Consider your eyes, too. Many stylists contrast hair shades with eye color to maximise the effect. And think about your style, too. Do you want to be noticed, or blend in? Whatever shade you choose, make sure it’ll make you feel comfortable and confident.

Yes. Both chemical and natural hair dyes can affect the proteins and lipids in your hair, damaging the hair shaft and making it prone to breakage and loss. However, there are plenty of hair-health tips to help you keep your dyed locks looking rich and luscious.

Yes, but you should wait for a few weeks after initially dying your hair before you dye it again. If you want to lighten your previously dyed hair, either use a ‘lifter’ to help clear your hair of color or wait 8-10 weeks before redying. Lifters are invasive and can cause damage and thinning, so we advise getting this done at a salon.

Before you aim that bottle of color towards your scalp, you’ll need to carry out a skin test - it’ll help determine if you’re going to have any allergic reaction to your dye. You’ll need to do this at least 48 hours before you dye your hair. If you don’t have any negative reactions, you’re good to go. Dye instructions will vary according to the brand and color you’re using, so be sure to follow the instructions provided in your kit. In brief, you’ll need to mix the color and developer in your kit, apply it to your dry hair starting at the root, wait for it to do its thing, rinse it out, massage in the conditioner that comes in your pack, then rinse and style your hair.

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The hair colour experts in San Juan can offer you a rainbow of different hair colouring ideas. Commitment phobes or hair dye newbies can test the water with semi-permanent hair colour.

Ombre hair or balayage retains your base colour but gives your natural shade a chic lift. Or maybe you should forget subtlety and go green, blue, or whatever primary colour you prefer. You can find the best-rated salons in your area on Fresha. Expect to pay up to TTD 700 and use the mobile app for easy rebooking when you need root retouching or a colour reboot.

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