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Katerina A.

18 Dec 2023 18:31

I recently had the pleasure of getting my nails done by Margaret and I'm beyond impressed! 🌟 The h...


Michele C.

28 Nov 2023 07:44

Marg you are a star and so very accommodating of my lateness Thank you :)


Mel L.

11 Nov 2023 01:46

everything was very clean & very professional. After my first visit I received numerous compliments ...

The avatar of Erin H.

Erin H.

10 Nov 2023 19:20

Most creative and versatile technician on the Central Coast. Very professional and friendly service...

The avatar of Linda W.

Linda W.

2 Nov 2023 13:06

Fantastic professional service from start to finish. Couldn’t ask for better.


Jody J.

27 Oct 2023 10:32

Best nails I’ve ever had . Perfection


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I'm working with gels, acrylics, shellac, combo, and 3D ornaments. Designs, special occasion and wedding stylizations. Reconstruction of damaged nails. Please note that nails left longer than the manufacturers prescribed 2-3 week period may attract an extra fee to cover extra product and time needed. Use cotton-lined rubber gloves whilst working in the garden or doing housework as cleaning products dry out cuticles/nails and can discolour/lift acrylic & Gel. Your natural nail is POROUS and will absorb these products. Any breakages need to be fixed by a professional ASAP. Should you decide to have them removed, please do so properly as tearing them off will leave them in very poor condition. (If you choose to remove them your self, Soak them in pure acetone for 40 minutes to remove them: in a glass or metal bowl). Picking at your enhancements or peeling them away may/will also lead to problems. If you break the SEAL of the enhancement you are effectively opening the door to bacteria & lifting. A new medication, illness and extreme stress of any kind may have an effect on the adhesion of your enhancements. If your enhancements do lift, it is unwise to leave a band-aid on as if this can trap moisture between the enhancement and the natural nail, which provides a great breeding ground for bacteria. This can also be the case if you glue it and there is moisture trapped between the enhancement and natural nail plate. Have your lift fixed by a professional ASAP.

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