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Leanne L.

21 Sep 2023 11:47am

5 rating

Total Muscle Harmony is simply the best in the business!


Gayle H.

21 Sep 2023 10:09am

5 rating

Great treatment as normal. Always kept informed about what's happening. Feeling pretty good. A+ Than...


Charles T.

17 Sep 2023 3:25pm

5 rating

Absolutely fantastic


Jelna M.

15 Sep 2023 1:47pm

5 rating




12 Sep 2023 2:45pm

5 rating

Suz, who has through her wonderful ability to find the Pain spot, and relieve the Pain! Thanking ...


Tiffany H.

11 Sep 2023 5:24pm

5 rating

I felt very comfortable and confident knowing that what I was saying was completely listened to. I l...


We all need a little harmony in our life - mind, body, and spirit! When the balance of one aspect is out of alignment, the harmony of the other two misalign as well. If the muscles of our body are supple, hydrated and happy, the mind is relaxed and the spirit goes with the flow. This is where I may be of help with bringing the balance back. Each treatment is individually tailored by using a range of different massage therapy modalities incorporated into your treatment plan to help your body feel its best and get on the road to recovery to heal itself. Modalities include Swedish massage, remedial massage, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Thai stretching, Tui Na (Chinese acupressure) and Reiki. My wellness centre is located in Kallangur. Please call 0407124815 to avoid cancellation fees.

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  • Total Muscle Harmony

  • 4.99 rating with 209 votes

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Total Muscle Harmony

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