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5 rating with 611 votes



18 May 2023 12:03pm

5 rating

Thank you for the correction



17 May 2023 12:04pm

5 rating

Relief from the tightness and discomfort. Thank you Trevor.



16 May 2023 3:36pm

5 rating

Always caring, professional & quality.


Robert Charles (Charlie)

15 May 2023 4:06pm

5 rating

excellent thank you


Elizabeth (Libby) S.

12 May 2023 8:58pm

5 rating

Great chiropractor……the best! Listens, diagnoses, treats! Walk out feeling great.

The avatar of Lisa S.

Lisa S.

8 May 2023 1:59pm

5 rating

Favourite place. Amazing service!


At Move Chiropractic, we believe our bodies are designed for us to move and function well. But due to our everyday stresses in life such as constant poor postures, repetitive movements performed incorrectly, direct traumas or just simply not moving enough during the day, our bodies may begin to experience complications. The human body is amazing. It is always working to help us adapt and compensate when things go wrong but also has the ability to tell us when things need to be taken care of. Have you ever had any annoying aches or pains during the day in your neck, back or any other part of your body? (These may only last for a minute). This is the intelligent "alarm" system that our brain has which tells us that there is a problem that needs fixing. At Move Chiropractic, we often find these short lasting, annoying niggles and pains develop into chronic issues. These eventually prevent us from being able to do the things we love. Pain is the body crying for a request for change. Our mission at Move Chiropractic is to use the latest evidence to help you stop and prevent those aches and pains from developing; And empower you to continue moving so you can live healthily and continue doing the things you love in life. Nobody should live with pain.

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  • 5 rating with 611 votes

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