No 1, Craycombe Farm, , Pershore (Fladbury), WR10 2QS, England

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The Aesthetics & Acupuncture Clinic in Worcestershire (formerly AcuKare) is owned and run by Registered General Nurse, Independent Nurse Prescriber, and Harley Street alumni Karen Wade. Karen has over 30 years experience in nursing, and specialises in minimally and non-invasive treatments, like traditional Chinese acupuncture for which she qualified in in 2004. Karen also trained in Harley Street in 2007 to become a fully-qualified Aesthetic/ Cosmetic Nurse. She is able to offer a range of treatments, muscle relaxant injectable treatments, including advanced treatments with Dermal Fillers, Chemical peels. Genuine derma-roller therapy for both face and body, Cryotherapy for the removal of skin imperfections and more recently the A.C.C.O.R Plasma Pen. Karen also specialises in the use of skin care products and serums, Karen’s fascination with non-invasive and natural cosmetic treatments also led her to complete a comprehensive course on cosmetic acupuncture in 2008, so she may continue to treat those wishing for natural cosmetic alternatives..


No 1, Craycombe Farm, , Pershore (Fladbury), England

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  • Aesthetics & Acupuncture



45min • Cupping only


Cupping is used along with or as a stand alone treatment with acupuncture, and has been used for centuries as a healing system. Cupping is when special cups are attached to the body surface, to help treat a wide range of conditions. including respiratory (Cough/Cold), Musculoskeletal (MSK), Acute and Chronic Pain, Digestive and Gynaecological conditions. Karen favors Fire cupping in her practice , helping to eliminate illness caused by wind, cold, damp, and heat, and speed up healing. It can however lead to red rings or bruising on the body It is favored by many including sports personalities and also some celebrities have been seen with Cupping marks around shoulders recently.

Facial Rejuvenation With Acupuncture

1h 45min



Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture can be traced back over 2,00 years mentioned in the Yellow Emperors Inner Classic. Facial rejuvenation with acupuncture combined with traditional Chinese acupuncture can rejuvenate the mind body and face, giving a more vibrant look and facial complexion. With Cosmetic acupuncture we are not trying to change a person but to enhance inner health and harmony, along with the persons inner beauty, while having an impact on the physical skin condition Everyone's appearance is individual so why not let us help your physical and emotional well being

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

1h 20min - 1h 40min



Karen is trained in both Traditional Chinese acupuncture as well as western medical acupuncture and offers a Fusin of both treatments. Traditional Chinese acupuncture was developed more than 3,000 years, based on stimulation of certain points with very fine acupuncture needles to help restore health balance and harmony within the body. Western Medical acupuncture is commonly used in the west by doctors, physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and is more based around western medical terminology and the use of needles into trigger points or hard bands of painful Both types of treatment safe and effective for all types of aches and pains, also good for headaches and migraines, can help with allergies, infertility, and much more. We also use a TDP lamp to provide healing with a long and short wave ultrasound machine Ear seeds are also incorporated into this treatment and ear seed kits can be purchased separately from the clinic


5.0 Great

8 ratings

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