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10 Commercial Road, Leeds (Kirkstall), LS5 3AQ, England

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Charlotte is an advanced, fully qualified registered and insured Semi Permanent Makeup Artist. Charlotte has trained with the world's leading micro-pigmentation organisations. Charlotte has been in the beauty industry since leaving school but her passion was makeup and she decided to offer something more permanent. Charlotte trained in Semi Permanent Makeup in 2015 and has since not looked back! Charlotte takes great pride in her work and feels extremely lucky to be able to work her dream job! Our appearance can be one of our main insecurities and Charlotte loves that she can empower people and help them wave goodbye to any insecurities they may have. Knowing her clients leave her clinic feeling more confident and beautiful is the best part of her job. Charlotte is always available to discuss client needs so please do not hesitate to get in touch!.


10 Commercial Road, Leeds (Kirkstall), England

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Lip Blush



Lip Line softly blended into your natural lip tone to give a subtle blush effect! Lip colour will be discussed, drawn on and agreed before starting the procedure. Preparation : *IMPORTANT*- If you suffer from cold sores please contact Charlotte before booking the procedure. - Gently exfoliate lips 2 days before the treatment -Avoid sunbeds before and after the treatment. -Avoid alcohol 2 days before treatment. Healing Process: -Immediately after procedure- Colour will look brighter /darker than the eventual healed result. -4-7 days dry/chapped lips -10-20 days, colour can appear to go lighter as the pigment is healing through the different layers of the skin. -20-40 days colour will push back through and appear brighter again. After Care: - Charlotte will provide aftercare cream. -Avoid heat/steam and excessive exercise for 1 week. -No direct sunlight for 6 weeks, wear high SPF.

Charlotte Taylor - (please note no children allowed)

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