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Lesley G.

24 Feb 2024 10:45pm

Repeat client - atmosphere continues to be calming, peaceful and professional. The team members al...



24 Feb 2024 9:00pm

The esthetician I had was fabulous! I don’t know her name but she is great at her job. The reception...


Stefan H.

24 Feb 2024 12:34pm

The experience & customer service was excellent. The space was comfortable and welcoming giving a gr...



17 Feb 2024 6:33pm

It was excellent experience


Shamar C.

17 Feb 2024 4:48pm

Wasn't entirely clear about the floating basket but really enjoyed it


Isha J.

17 Feb 2024 10:10am

Lovely service as always.


Embark on a rejuvenating escape at Chakra Spa in Christ Church, where serenity meets indulgence. Treat your feet to a pampering Pedicure, unwind with the soothing strokes of a Swedish Massage, and elevate your fingertips with a luxurious Manicure. Immerse yourself in the transformative glow of a revitalizing Facial and experience the ultimate relaxation in our serene Sauna. At Chakra Spa, every service is a harmonious journey for your mind, body, and soul. Book now and let tranquility embrace you in our oasis of wellness.

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