Singurul software gratuit pentru profesionistii din industria beauty si wellness

Alatura-te platformei de top pentru frumusete si wellness, complet gratuit! Nu mai plati taxe uriase si fii parte din schimbare.

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Captura de ecran cu aplicatia FRESHA. Unitatile din calendar reprezinta programari

Free for all, no monthly fee

Unlimited usage with no subscription fees! The only free platform for salons and spas,

Optional paid features

Only pay for what you use. Cancel for free anytime without any commitment.

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2.19% + 0,20 USD 

Clienti noi Fresha Marketplace
One-time fee applied to the first appointment of brand new clients who book via the Fresha marketplace.

The fee never applies to your returning clients, or any appointments made via your website or social pages.

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20% comision unic

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* Rates are exclusive of local sales taxes. Learn more about fees & comissions

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