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Aesthetics image for Aesthetic Health

Aesthetic Health

305 Harrogate Rd, Moortown, Leeds LS17 6PA, United Kingdom

+44 113 269 7274+44 113 269 7274Call to book

LED Light Therapy

Hair Transplants

Laser Hair Removal

Dermal Fillers

Waxing Salon image for Este Medical Group- Hair & Skin Clinic Leeds

Este Medical Group- Hair & Skin Clinic Leeds

Old Hall, Elmete Hall, Elmete Ln, Leeds LS8 2LJ, United Kingdom

+44 113 450 8000+44 113 450 8000Call to book


Back Waxing

Weight Loss image for Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Lion House, 41 York Pl, Leeds LS1 2ED, United Kingdom

+44 7745 739186+44 7745 739186Call to book

Weight Loss Program

Gym & Fitness image for Graft Häus

Graft Häus

Unit 4, Cardigan Trading Estate, Milford Pl, Burley, Leeds, LS4 2BL, United Kingdom

+44 113 318 2812+44 113 318 2812Call to book
Personal Trainer image for Leeds Personal Training

Leeds Personal Training

322 Low Ln, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5DE, United Kingdom

+44 7849 325707+44 7849 325707Call to book

Personal Training

Personal Trainer image for CSS Fitness

CSS Fitness

Graft Häus, Cardigan Trading Estate, Unit 4 Lennox Rd, Burley, Leeds LS4 2BL, United Kingdom

+44 7754 523579+44 7754 523579Call to book

Personal Training

Therapy Center image for The Midlife Reset

The Midlife Reset

8 Tinshill Ln, Leeds, LS16 7AP, United Kingdom

+44 7825 021518+44 7825 021518Call to book
Personal Trainer image for Claudia Bedford Female Fitness

Claudia Bedford Female Fitness

Otley Rd, Adel, Leeds LS16 8BQ, United Kingdom

+44 7985 445497+44 7985 445497Call to book

Personal Training

Weight Loss image for PT-Health


Unit 3&4, West One, 100 Wellington St, Leeds LS1 4LT, United Kingdom

+44 113 247 1174+44 113 247 1174Call to book

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss image for Coached by Abeyie

Coached by Abeyie

Carlton Mills, 9B Pickering St, Armley, Leeds LS12 2QG, United Kingdom

+44 7985 634945+44 7985 634945Call to book

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss image for The Leeds Hypnotherapist

The Leeds Hypnotherapist

4 Queen St, Leeds, LS1 2TW, United Kingdom

+44 113 866 2113+44 113 866 2113Call to book

Weight Loss Program

Aesthetics image for Adel Aesthetics

Adel Aesthetics

141 Long Causeway, Adel, Leeds LS16 8EX, United Kingdom

+44 7711 666744+44 7711 666744Call to book

LED Light Therapy

Dermal Fillers


Skin Tightening

Personal Trainer image for SHAPE CLUB


Clock Buildings, Roundhay Rd, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 2SH, United Kingdom

+44 113 299 0085+44 113 299 0085Call to book

Personal Training

Weight Loss image for VIVO Clinic Fat Freezing & Facelift Leeds

VIVO Clinic Fat Freezing & Facelift Leeds

VIVO Clinic - The Office Group, 1 Aire St, Leeds LS1 4PR, United Kingdom

+44 330 174 1268+44 330 174 1268Call to book

Weight Loss Program

Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Freezing

Laser Lipo

Personal Trainer image for My Healthy

My Healthy

6 Westgate, Grace St, Leeds LS1 2RP, United Kingdom

+44 7889 611998+44 7889 611998Call to book

Personal Training

Gym & Fitness image for Bannatyne Health Club Leeds, Cardigan Fields

Bannatyne Health Club Leeds, Cardigan Fields

Kirkstall Rd, Burley, Leeds LS4 2DG, United Kingdom

+44 113 524 5990+44 113 524 5990Call to book
Personal Trainer image for PureGym Leeds Kirkstall Bridge

PureGym Leeds Kirkstall Bridge

Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Park, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3BL, United Kingdom

+44 303 123 1113+44 303 123 1113Call to book

Personal Training

Weight Loss image for Sam Mehta - Weight Loss Surgeon

Sam Mehta - Weight Loss Surgeon

Spire Hospital, Jackson Avenue, Leeds, LS8 1NT, United Kingdom

+44 113 206 7606+44 113 206 7606Call to book

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program FAQs

The most effective weight loss program is the one that works for you; be mindful that programs that work for you, may not work for others, and vice versa.

Talk with your doctor before you choose a weight loss program. They may be able to advise you on the types of program that could work for you, and which ones you should avoid. When choosing a weight loss program, it’s important to find one that doesn’t promise instant results; instead it should be aiming to help you achieve weight loss safely over the course of several months. The program should promote healthy lifestyle behaviours you can stick to so you can maintain a healthy weight long-term.

No. Some weight loss programs promise fast results or encourage unsafe practices like cutting out certain food groups. These types of diets can make you feel ill and aren’t sustainable because they don’t focus on teaching you long-term healthy eating or lifestyle behaviours. T

It depends on the weight loss program you choose. Ask your doctor what a healthy weight for you should be, and set that as your target.

The long-term effects depend on the weight loss program you choose; some programs don’t focus on sustainable weight loss, and so the overall effects could be negligible or even negative to your body and mental health. The best weight loss programs focus on achieving your weight loss goal and sustaining a healthy weight for the foreseeable future. This helps reduce your body’s fat, and can normalise blood sugar levels, and improve your cardiovascular and overall health, helping you live a longer, healthier, and fulfilling life.

Many weight loss programs only focus on short-term weight loss. In order to keep any weight you lose off, take care to choose a program that includes long-term weight maintenance.

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So hello Moortown. We like your style. Businesses on Fresha not far from you have high ratings on average. Très chic. We like what we see, and we hope you will too. Check out what people are saying about some of the weight loss businesses across Moortown. Things are looking sleek. We're all set to help you faster than the click of a camera. Book instantly with Fresha, and leave your appointment feeling ready for the spotlight.

Losing weight isn't a journey you have to take on your own. A weight loss program puts the plan into practice, with a professional to help guide you along.

You can find diet plans and weight loss medication, while regular weigh-ins help you keep track of your progress. Weight management consulting can give you the tips and tools to understand your relationship with food, and how best to tackle old habits. Take the first step today with weight loss counselling in Moortown. Sessions can take as little as 45 minutes, with prices starting at £84.

Your calendar might be looking busy, but it’s low on me-time. So let Fresha help you get scheduled in some self-care in Moortown today. Going away? No problem. Our app is active in more than 120 countries around the world, not just in the UK. With more than 100,000 global business partners all using Fresha's free software, there's always a professional standing by, no matter which continent you touch down on. And if you have any suggestions, make sure you drop us a line at hello@fresha.com. Welcome to the new way of booking wellness.

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