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Alina K Aesthetics

Alina K Aesthetics



118 Archer Street, Woodford, 4514, Queensland

Professional Teeth Whitening - Standard



Cosmetic Teeth Whitening - Premium

1h 30min


Top Up Treatment (4 - 6 weeks)



Prince or Princess Pamper Package



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Cosmetic Aesthetic Clinic

Cosmetic Aesthetic Clinic



40 Brushtail Court, Bahrs Scrub, 4207, Queensland

ULTRA Teeth Whitening

1h 15min


Signature Teeth Whitening



Tooth Gem Model



Signature Aesthetic Tan



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Teeth Whitening FAQs

Professional teeth whitening costs an average of $110 in Rural Queensland.

Teeth whitening isn't permanent, but how long the effects last varies from person to person; in fact, it could last a few months, a year, or even more. To prolong the whitening effect, you should avoid consuming things that could stain your teeth, like cigarettes, tea, coffee, and red wine.

Teeth whitening is considered safe, however there’s a risk your gums could be sensitive to the chemicals used in teeth whitening. Some users of at-home kits have experienced gum burning and damage to their tooth enamel, so if you are considering having your teeth whitened, make sure you go to an experienced professional.

Yes, but see your dentist first so they can advise you on the best whitening options for your sensitive teeth.

No. The materials used in crowns and veneers are hard for whiteners to penetrate. Instead, ask your dentist what options are available to you.

Not really; if you do, you could end up with uneven color and noticeable discoloration under the brackets of your braces. Teeth whitening with braces can cause irritation and discomfort, so it’s best to wait for your braces to be removed before you embark on teeth whitening.

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So Rural Queensland’s skin and body scene is ready and waiting for you today. Explore aesthetics clinics in Mareeba, Logan Reserve or wherever you call home. With a wide range of treatments on offer, you can sample top places nearby. And if you're feeling experimental, why not go for something new. Be adventurous, safe in the knowledge that aesthetics clinics on Fresha have an average rating of 5.0 stars. Go on, live your best life.

Specialist toothpaste and home whitening kits can all do their bit to brighten your smile. But professional teeth whitening is on another level when it comes to lifting the natural shade of your teeth.

Teeth bleaching, when done by a professional, is a safe way to restore colour beyond the enamel. Instead of masking stains, professional teeth whitening penetrates deep to remove discolouration. Results can rival any red carpet star, and should last with regular care. Teeth whitening at top clinics in Rural Queensland costs between $50 and $155, and it's easy to book a convenient appointment after searching on Fresha.

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