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Sky Beauty Roof

Sky Beauty Roof



Saed Abdo Shammout, Amman Zahran, Amman Governorate

Men only



JOD 15

TANNING 60 minutes


JOD 75

Beard Treatment


From JOD 6

Paraffin Hand&Foot


JOD 15

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Tips and Toes Jordan

Tips and Toes Jordan



Saed Ben Abi WaqqAs-Street, 37, Amman Zahran, 11185, Amman Governorate


Spa Pedi

1h - 1h 10min

JOD 20

Touch up session (Brows or Lips)

2h 30min

JOD 50

Extension Filing



Stickers & Decals



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Spa Pedicure FAQs

A spa pedicure is a pedicure that takes place in a spa or spa-like setting. You’re likely to be in a private room and you may be treated to extra pedicure-based indulgences like a hot towel wrapped around your feet, or a more luxurious foot and calf massage. To ascertain exactly what your spa pedicure includes, ask before you book.

Your spa pedicure may take anything from 30-90 minutes depending on what’s involved. Ask how long your pedicure appointment will last before you confirm your booking.

The benefits are much the same as a regular pedicure, but the spa or spa-like setting may help you feel more relaxed. Benefits you are likely to experience include a reduced risk of fungal infection and cracked heels, softer skin on your feet, and boosted circulation. Your feet will also be left looking and feeling amazing.

Ingrown toenails, nail fungal infections, and bacterial infections are all potential side effects of a pedicure and spa pedicure. To minimise risk, always book with an experienced nail technician who follows stringent hygiene procedures. Ask them not to trim your cuticles (it can lead to infection), and to only cut your toenails straight across rather than in a curved shape to avoid triggering ingrown toenails.

It’s recommended that you get a pedicure every 3-4 weeks - whether you choose to have a spa pedicure instead of a regular pedicure is up to you.

A spa pedicure in Amman costs an average of JOD 15. Will the cost be covered by your insurance? It’s unlikely: although insurers will pay for some foot treatments, they won’t cover everything. Take a look at your policy to check the specifics.

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If you love the self-care part of a pedicure, spa pedicures are the next step for true indulgence. Spa pedicures pile on the pampering while giving all the great grooming you'd expect with a standard foot treatment.

Set aside up to 1 hour 10 minutes to unwind while your nails are trimmed, shaped and transformed. Spa pedicures often include things like a foot soak, exfoliation, foot and calf massage. And you might be treated to a hot towel rub and paraffin wax dip too. Prices in Amman range from JOD 15 to JOD 28. Book your spa pedicure on Fresha in seconds, then enjoy putting your feet up in style.

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