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Classy N Trendy Spa Palace

Classy N Trendy Spa Palace



4 Nelson Street, Suite #4, May Pen, Clarendon

Soak Off Toes

15min - 45min

JMD 1,000

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial


JMD 6,500

Extra Pedicure Services

10min - 30min

JMD 200

Comfort Care Pedicure

1h - 1h 30min

JMD 3,000

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Felicity Beauty Spa

Felicity Beauty Spa



18 Stork Street, May Pen, Clarendon

Jelly Pedicure


JMD 4,000

Kids Pedicure


JMD 2,000

Regular Pedicure (female)


JMD 3,500

Regular Pedicure (male)


JMD 4,500

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Neiyki’z Nailz Bar

Neiyki’z Nailz Bar



18 Stork Street, Shop # 15 Henry’s Plaza, May Pen, Clarendon



JMD 2,000



JMD 2,500



JMD 1,500



JMD 3,000

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Pedicure FAQs

It depends on the type of pedicure you choose and how indulgent a treatment you want to have, but typically a pedicure takes between 30-90 minutes.

Yes. There’s a risk your feet could become infected, particularly if your cuticles are trimmed or if strict hygiene rules aren’t followed. Fish pedicures carry the added risk of staph infections. Ask your therapist about the associated risks of the pedicure you want before you book.

Pedicures can minimise the risk of fungal infection and improve your circulation. The exfoliation techniques used during a pedicure remove dead skin cells, and the massage element boosts circulation and reduces the risk of cracked heels and calluses. Pedicures also leave your feet feeling softer and looking great, too.

There are various types of pedicure, and the cost depends on which one you choose. In May Pen, you should expect to pay between JMD 1,500 and JMD 5,000.

Pedicures that use traditional nail polish should last about one week; those using gel or shellac polish typically last 2-3 weeks.

To help maintain optimal foot health, pedicurists recommend having a pedicure once every 3-4 weeks.

Most pedicures are based around the classic pedicure, so expect your feet to be bathed in a warm foot bath, then exfoliated using a pumice stone or foot file. Next, your toenails will be trimmed, your cuticles treated, and your feet (and sometimes your calves) massaged. Moisturiser will be applied to leave your feet feeling soothed, smoothed, and nourished and your pedicure will either end there or you can choose to have your toenails painted. Other pedicures follow a similar format with the following adaptations: French pedicures incorporate the French manicure aesthetic (a nude pink nail with a strip of white along the nail’s tip); fish pedicures see the pumice stone swapped out for tiny garra rufa fish which nibble your feet to remove dead skin cells and calluses; stone pedicures use hot stones to relax and rejuvenate the feet; gel pedicures culminate in the application of gel polish to your toenails rather than regular nail polish; a sports’ pedicure uses cooling aromatic oils such as peppermint or eucalyptus to soothe tired muscles; and a spa massage ups the lux by carrying the pedicure out in a private, spa like setting and incorporating indulgent additions like aromatherapy oils and a hot towel wrap.

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A regular pedicure can make sure your feet are always ready to be seen. Hard skin, ragged cuticles and overgrown nails won't get in the way of beautiful bare feet.

You can book regular pedicures at a top nail salon near you with just a few taps on our mobile app. So you can have sandal-ready toes at all times. With hard skin removal, nail trimming and shaping, plus a relaxing soak or massage, your feet can be as neat as a pin in no time. Book a regular or express pedicure through Fresha, and set aside between 30 minutes and 1 hour 50 minutes for an appointment in May Pen.

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