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Tollcross International Swimming Centre, UK, 350 Wellshot Road, Glasgow, G32 7QR, Scotland

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Injury treatment

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Therapy Center image for JMC Physiocures

JMC Physiocures

Unit 75, Rutherglen Shopping Centre, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 2LS, United Kingdom

+44 333 355 0606+44 333 355 0606Call to book




Dry Needling

Therapy Center image for Glasgow Osteopaths

Glasgow Osteopaths

Natural Health Service (osteopaths), 123 High St, Glasgow G1 1PH, United Kingdom

+44 141 552 4420+44 141 552 4420Call to book


Therapy Center image for Rutherglen Osteopaths

Rutherglen Osteopaths

39 Millburn Ave, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 2AR, United Kingdom

+44 7754 016451+44 7754 016451Call to book



Dry Needling

Therapy Center image for Merchant City Chiropractic

Merchant City Chiropractic

19 Ingram St, Glasgow, G1 1HA, United Kingdom

+44 141 552 1260+44 141 552 1260Call to book


Chiropractic FAQs

It depends on what your chiropractor is treating. If you’re suffering with acute pain, your chiropractor may initially want to see you 2-3 times per week, then move to follow sessions to help maintain your spinal health and prevent injury. Your chiropractor will be able to advise you on how regularly you should see them.

Chiropractors treat back and neck pain, injuries, chronic pain (including osteoarthritis), fatigue, and even chronic headaches and migraines.

A chiropractic session can last anything from 10-45 minutes.

No, you can book privately if you wish to.

You’ll need to check your insurance policy, but most insurance schemes will cover chiropractic fees. Some require a GP referral, others don’t; so make sure you know exactly what your insurer requires in order for them to reimburse you for your chiropractic sessions.

You’ll have a consultation during your first appointment, so your chiropractor can understand why you’ve come and what your goals are. They’ll also assess any spinal anomalies before beginning to treat you. During treatment your chiropractor will apply controlled, sudden pressure to manipulate a spinal joint; this joint manipulation is designed to help repair and realign your spine, and improve your body's physical function. You’ll probably hear a pop or crack, but don’t worry it’s perfectly normal and painless.

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Fresha is your personal treasure trove of first-rate therapy centres in Egypt. And there is no shortage of gems in among the treatments our salon and clinic partners have listed with us. So all you need to do is pick a favourite and confirm your appointment today. You can enjoy peace of mind with our secure payment system and appointment reminders sent straight to your phone. Lose yourself in some well-deserved me-time.

Fresha has an added bonus too. You can read hundreds of reviews for individual therapists and wellness practitioners in Egypt, to help you find your perfect match. And that’s on top of 2.5 million trustworthy reviews from customers who book with Fresha all over the world. So you might find a new special someone to spend your free time with. Don’t worry, we won't tell your other half. But we also wouldn't blame you for following your heart. Sounds like a date could be on the cards.

Problems with your muscle and joints are a real pain in the neck, but a chiropractor can put it right. Chiropractic treatments last between 30 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes and they tackle pain in the back, neck, shoulders and elbow, as well as aches from osteoarthritis.

Chiropractors use techniques like spinal manipulation, short thrusting movements, and stretching and pulling of the muscles to get your body realigned. Sessions cost between £30 and £70 and you may need more than one. Book in with a chiropractor near you in Egypt on Fresha and turn your back on pain with their professional skills.

We're only just getting started at Fresha. With highly successful appointment scheduler for salons and clinics, along with 700 million appointments clocked up for customers like you, we're pretty proud. And we'd like to help you share in some good feelings, too. Find your next therapy and wellness appointment in Egypt, United Kingdom, or take us on your travels. We’re active in over 120 countries around the globe. And if you hit any bumps in the road, our help centre is here to get you back up and booking. Since founding in 2015, Fresha has helped millions of customers feel their best selves. Now it's time for you.

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