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Beauty Box

Beauty Box



4 Royal Buildings, Penarth, CF64 3EB, Wales

Builder Gel Removal (BB nails ONLY)

40min - 1h





Builder Gel Overlay

1h - 1h 15min


Eyebrow Slice - Asian Look



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Nail Spa

Nail Spa



51B Pill Street, Penarth, CF64 2JR, Wales

Acrylic Infill (Top Up) 4w+ Growth

1h 15min


Acrylic Big Toe



Acrylic Infill (Top Up) Up to 4w Max

1h 15min


Acrylic Overlay (Fresh Coat)



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Touch of elegance - Penarth

Touch of elegance - Penarth



2G Cornerswell Road, Penarth, CF64 2UZ, Wales

Toe nail repair Acrylic

15min - 1h


Infill Acrylic

1h - 1h 45min

From £25

Gel Polish Pedicure



Gel Polish Removal + Simple Manicure



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The Petit Nail Company

The Petit Nail Company

UK, Rhodfa'r Morwydd, Penarth, CF64, Wales

Removal acrylic with buff


From £20

Acrylic toe nails

1h 45min


Bespoke acrylic nails


From £65

Luxury manicure with polish

1h 15min


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Nail Salon image for Beauty Within Of Penarth

Beauty Within Of Penarth

2B Cornerswell Rd, Penarth, CF64 2UZ, United Kingdom

+44 29 2070 0400+44 29 2070 0400Call to book

Acrylic Nails

Spa Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

Gel Nails

Nail Salon image for GLITTER NAILS


1-2, Queensgate Mews, Albert Rd, Penarth CF64 1BZ, United Kingdom

+44 29 2071 1300+44 29 2071 1300Call to book

Acrylic Nails

Nail Art


Gel Nails

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Acrylic Nails FAQs

No, leave it to the nail technician - they will trim your nails to the optimum length and shape for you.

A full set of acrylic nails can be worn for 6-8, and should then be removed.

Acrylic nails generally cost less than than gels.

Quite a lot - we’ve listed the main points below:

Nail strength - if you’ve got weak or brittle nails, wait to get them in optimal health before you get acrylics. You can boost your nail health by moisturising them daily with a natural nail strengthening oil, like jojoba.

Shape - decide on your shape and length pre-application. If it’s your first time, don’t plump for super-long nails; begin short so you can get used to the weight and feel.

Prep - perfect nail prep helps prevent discomfort, lifting, and breakage. Your nails must be filed (but not overly) and sanitised before application.

Infections - prevent infections by ensuring that the acrylic manicure instruments used are properly sterilised first and that your nails are applied and removed by an experienced acrylic nail technician.

Fills - you’ll need fills to touch-up regrowth every 2-3 weeks. It’s advisable to only have one set of fills before removing the whole set of acrylic nails.

Popping-off - acrylic nails can pop off if they hit hard surfaces and if you tap your hands repeatedly (e.g. if you do a lot of typing). They can also pop off if your nail wasn’t properly prepped.

Time - application and removal of acrylics take around an hour each. Make sure you book a professional to minimise damage.

Costs - prices vary, but as a rule of thumb, the more colours and greater intricacy of design you go for, the higher the cost.

Acrylic nails, like gels, are artificial - which ones you consider better is really down to personal preference.

Gels give a more natural, glossier finish than acrylics, but acrylics tend to be stronger. Gel nails cure under a UV lamp; acrylics start curing as soon as they’re exposed to air. They can both be used to lengthen nails. Gels last for 2 weeks and should then be removed; Acrylic nails last 6-8 weeks, but will need fills after 2-3 weeks to hide regrowth. Both can damage your natural nails, so it’s always best to seek out an experienced nail technician who can do the application, filling and removal for you.

It’s unlikely. You can still wash, swim, and shower when you’re wearing acrylic nails, but prolonged exposure to water could cause them to lift.

Acrylic overlays. They’re applied to the top of your nails and tend to look more natural. They can be thinner than a full set of acrylic nails and don’t extend beyond the length of your natural nails.

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Booking your next nail appointment in Penarth with Fresha is easy. Quickly compare prices and reviews for nail salons, then book your appointment safely and securely online. What’s more, you’ll get instant confirmation. And you can even pay for your treatment in advance. Sometimes simple is all you need. So say hello to Fresha.

Out for the evening in St. Augustine's on Monday. Business meeting in Plymouth on Tuesday. Wellness on Wednesday. Fresha can ensure your next nails appointment slots in around your schedule, whether you're at home or out and about. In Penarth, there are plenty of talented nail techs on offer. And there’s no shortage of first-rate businesses for the Penarth area, with an average rating of 5.0 stars. So when it comes to your options your biggest dilemma will be deciding who gets your booking.

Acrylic nail extensions provide durability and style for up to 3 weeks. They're a blessing for bitten or brittle nails and can protect the natural nail bed when done by a professional.

Rely on hard-as-nails acrylics if you're looking for instant length and long-lasting wear. And with endless colours, shapes and designs or the classic pink and white fill, a full set of acrylics is sure to make an impression. Rebook in a tap with the Fresha mobile app when you're ready for acrylic nail removal or refill. Prices at top salons in Penarth range between £5 and £65.

So if we’ve sparked your interest, we don't blame you. With 700 million wellness appointments already booked, we're industry leaders in beauty and wellness. And Fresha's free nail salon booking software is getting glowing reviews from the 450,000 business owners, professionals and stylists who are already using it, too. So when you book an nail appointment in Penarth, United Kingdom, you can trust that Fresha will have done all the fiddly bits, so you don't have to. Let us know at hello@fresha.com, or head over to our help centre, if there's anything we've missed that could help you.

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