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Carolyn C.

10 Ιουν 2023 2:46μ.μ.

5 αξιολόγηση

Wonderful experience!

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Renee M.

9 Ιουν 2023 12:53μ.μ.

5 αξιολόγηση

They do an excellent job!! I love the atmosphere--it's small & friendly. Everyone talks to each othe...


Tam S.

8 Ιουν 2023 4:22μ.μ.

5 αξιολόγηση

Maria does an excellent job!


Brenda L.

7 Ιουν 2023 3:54μ.μ.

5 αξιολόγηση

Wonderful pedicure! Will be back.


Nancy D.

3 Ιουν 2023 2:08μ.μ.

5 αξιολόγηση

I am very happy with my pedicure. It looks great and it was relaxing to chat with Kim while having m...

Το avatar του Sarah L.

Sarah L.

3 Ιουν 2023 12:40μ.μ.

5 αξιολόγηση

Valerie is awesome!!


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We are an organic, eco-friendly, natural nail spa, dedicated to providing exceptional nail services within a clean, friendly and total pampering environment. We will pamper you from the moment you enter until you melt into the chair. Our focus isn’t just on an everyday manicure or pedicure. We address not just the nails but the skin up to the elbows and knees working to make the whole package look amazing. All of our staff is carefully selected and thoroughly trained to provide top quality service. Our love for beauty is our driving force, we not only strive to care and transform our client’s nails but also showcase benefits of conscious nail care. We use organic, natural and vegan spa quality nail products whenever possible, 5 free nail polish to provide services that care for our client’s physical appearance and mental relaxation while creating an atmosphere that indulges our clients. Our goal is not only to make you look good but also to educate our clients about proper, clean nail care.

Χρόνος ανοίγματος

  • Δευτέρα

    • Κλείσιμο

  • Τρίτη

    • 10:00π.μ. - 6:00μ.μ.

  • Τετάρτη

    • 10:00π.μ. - 6:00μ.μ.

  • Πέμπτη

    • 10:00π.μ. - 6:00μ.μ.

  • Παρασκευή

    • 10:00π.μ. - 6:00μ.μ.

  • Σάββατο

    • 9:00π.μ. - 4:00μ.μ.

  • Κυριακή

    • Κλείσιμο

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  • Top Coat Nails & Spa

  • 5 βαθμολογείται με 279 ψήφους

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Top Coat Nails & Spa

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