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The avatar of Steve B.

Steve B.

27 May 2023 1:09pm

5 rating

Great haircut from Nick


Catherine C.

27 May 2023 8:18am

5 rating

Thanks for great haircuts!


John A.

27 May 2023 7:53am

5 rating

Christina is great!!!


lenora g.

25 May 2023 2:44pm

5 rating

The vibe here is energetic, buzzy and creative. Kristina makes this LOL (lil’ ol’ lady) look sharp a...


Ray D.

25 May 2023 7:49am

5 rating

Great shop. Joe is awesome!


Deanna S.

20 May 2023 1:54pm

5 rating

Kristina gave me a great pixie cut! Ready for summer:)


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We consider our work to be of utmost importance in maintaining the creative thread in our fast-paced society. At Talking Heads Barber Shop in Asbury Park, New Jersey, we subscribe to the idea that if you look good you feel good. When you feel good you carry yourself with confidence. When you live with authentic confidence the universe has a tendency of opening up for you; which for us is what it's all about. We know that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can provide you with a decent haircut. We are not interested in decency, we want to give you the best cut you have ever had. However, one thing's for sure: when you get a cut from Talking Heads Barber Shop, you will know you have experienced something truly organic and fresh.

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  • 5 rating with 3207 votes

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