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Do you overthink and feel like you should be further in life than you are? Are you constantly going over the past or recent events that have happened? Do you beat yourself up for things that are out of your control, wishing you handled things differently? Do you look at family and friends, continuously comparing yourself, asking where do you fit in? These are just some of the thoughts that overwhelm us, trapped in our mind. Then, if we look at the reactions of our body. Do you get feelings of anxiety that just take over or a panic attack that flairs up in the middle of nowhere? Do stay isolated because the fear of life just keeps you locked away? These are all common things I deal with. And guess what? Your normal... welcome to life. Does that ease things a bit? I work with you to design tools that are right for you and your lifestyle. I support you in finding awareness around where these things come from so we can ease the power they hold over you. Contact me now on 0408 891 017 or hello@ for an initial free consultation to see if my support is the right fit for you..


Online Appointments, Online

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