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Nick R.

17 Mar 2023 5:38pm

A brilliant appt. Helped us put a coherent, understand Le plan in place. Thank you


Laura E.

30 Jan 2023 9:48pm

Really helpful, knowledgeable and reassuring

The avatar of Jodie S.

Jodie S.

12 Jan 2023 2:24pm

Fantastic and informative consultation. 100% recommend


Sarah C.

8 Sep 2022 7:15pm

Thank you for your help today. Loads of great advice and practical help.


Louisa P.

16 Nov 2021 3:20pm

Linda is so friendly and knowledgeable, our consultation was personalised and not rushed, she took t...

The avatar of Hannah R.

Hannah R.

8 Aug 2021 7:10pm

Absolutely incredible woman. So lovely and easy to talk to about any worries you have. I know we’ll ...


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ALL APPOINTMENTS ARE IN YOUR HOME Parents most commonly book with me because their baby is unhappy or not growing well or mum is in feeding-related pain. Sometimes the baby is just not settled and there is no obvious cause. “Refluxy” or “colicky” babies are a real worry for parents and the early weeks can be so hard for new families as a result. I am a guiding hand for families who are struggling with babies who may be finding feeding challenging or who may instinctively “know” their baby is struggling generally but do not know where to turn; it may not even be feeding related. We have enough foresight and information to now understand that some babies need more support than others. Parents do not feel heard. Unsupported journeys with new babies can contribute to families not meeting their goals which in turn can lead to higher rates of postnatal depression or anxiety. Feeding grief can last for years where support is not available. Hear from me here

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