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Nelson V.

20 Nov 2023 3:51pm

Fantastic massage. Heather did a great job with my shoulders.


James T.

17 Nov 2023 5:49pm

The absolute best!


James T.

26 Oct 2023 7:11pm

Above excellent!


Bridget M.

14 Oct 2023 1:37pm

I have brand new shoulders after seeing Cheryl! She’s a delight and so thorough! Thank you so much!


Chandra C.

13 Sep 2023 10:45am

Great massage as usual

The avatar of Lorie G.

Lorie G.

3 Sep 2023 6:11am

Cheryl has always been very helpful and thoughtful, explaining what she does and why she does it and...


We'll help you put the pieces together for a lifetime of performance! JointFit Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Center is a premier center in NE Kansas for the evaluation of joint or soft tissue injuries. Our philosophy is simple: deliver the right care at the right time. We put the patient at the center of care, rather than try to make every patient fit into a particular technique system. Through thorough assessments and movement screening, we are able to accurately assess what was injured, but even more importantly, why it was injured. We believe that there are usually many factors that have led to an injury. Common sense says that each factor needs to be addressed in order to have the best results. Therefore chiropractic adjustments ALONE are quite unlikely to have a long term beneficial effect. Similarly, physical therapy exercises ALONE are unlikely to have a long term beneficial effect. However, when you combine elements of chiropractic care to improve joint and soft tissue motion with elements of physical therapy to reduce muscle imbalance and improve stability and strength, the effects are far-reaching and have a tremendously positive effect on the function of the body! At JointFit, we provide an integrated approach to your care, by assimilating a well-rounded treatment plan to address the many factors that led to a particular condition.

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