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Remedial Massage


A $50

Remedial Massage


A $65

Remedial Massage


A $80

Remedial Massage

1h 30min

A $120


5 rating with 36 votes


Halina R.

10 May 2023 8:33pm

5 rating

A relaxing remedial massage was exactly what I needed. Next time I won't leave it so long between ma...


Melissa L.

20 Apr 2023 5:02pm

5 rating

Emma has magic hands! Always blissful! Highly recommend!



16 Mar 2023 12:13pm

5 rating

I always feel great after my remedial massage. Highly recommended!👌



7 Mar 2023 7:11pm

5 rating

Thanks for such a relaxing experience Emma! Loved every minute.



22 Feb 2023 10:41am

5 rating

Beautiful massage and very relaxing



8 Feb 2023 8:15pm

5 rating

Emma is brilliant


We all lead busy, hectic lifestyles. Time goes by so fast that we often look back ten years and wonder how we even got here. In Harmony Natural Therapies is designed to refresh and relax, helping those with busy lifestyles and grand pursuits stop and remember that life is meant to be enjoyed and relished. Whether you're an overwhelmed parent or a rising business person, by the time you leave In Harmony, you will feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You are here for so much more than routine, bills, and pursuits. You’re here for radiance and harmony, for beauty and balance. And after one visit with In Harmony Natural Therapies, you will be on your way to discovering exactly what that means for you.

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  • 5 rating with 36 votes

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