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Yuzhitang Herbal Healthy Store

A $31.99

Hisamitsu Antiphlogistic Salon Pass 140Pcs

Stiff shoulder, back pain, muscle pain, bruising, sprains, joint pain, bone fracture pain.

A $18

Japan Rabbit Annasalbe Ace Cream 18g

Soften acne heads and promote the elimination of sebum from clogged pores.

A $20

Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan (Bupleurum & Peony Formula)

Spread liver qi and clear heat

A $20

KUN BAO WAN (Ligustrum & Curcuma)

Provides fast and effective herbal relief for menopause symptoms.

A $25

SHU JIN HUO XUE WAN (Clematis & Stephania Combination)

Ideal for joint pain, muscle aches, numbness, and/or pain in the lower extremities

A $20

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan (Ginseng & Ziziphus Combination)

Nourish the heart qi and yin, calm the mind.

A $20

WU LING SAN (Hoelen Five Formula)

This herbal supplement helps promote the urinary system and strengthens the spleen.

A $20

Yin Qiao Wan (Lonicera & Forsythia Formula)

Common cold, flu, and cough due to wind heat.

A $20

ZI SHEN ZAN YU DAN (Cuscuta & Codonopsis Formula)

Nourish blood, tonify kidney and fertilize the uterus

A $20

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang (Carthamus & Danggui Combination)

Clinical conditions due to blood deficiency and blood stagnation.

A $20

Yang Yin Qing Fei Wan (Fritillaria & Ophiopogon Formula)

Nourishes lung yin, releases lung qi stagnation, and relieves cough.

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