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Certains items sont en stock et d'autres en commande spéciale. Veuillez prendre rendez-vous avant de passer les ramasser • Some items are in stock and others on special order. Please make an appointment before picking them up.

CA $22

Om: Bouteille d'eau isolée • Insulated Water Bottle

CA $20

Yoga: Bloc en mousse • Foam Block

CA $25

Yoga: Manduka - Block en liège • Cork Block

CA $26

Yoga: Manduka - Courroie pour tapis • Commuter Mat Carrier

CA $115

Yoga: Manduka GRP® Adapt Yoga Mat 5mm

Our grippiest mat, versatile enough to go from slower flows to the sweatiest of sessions.

CA $3

Yoga: Manduka - Head Band

CA $14

Yoga: Manduka - Nettoyant à tapis • Mat Wash 8 Oz

CA $160

Yoga: Manduka - Pro (72" x 26")

CA $199

Yoga: Manduka - Pro Long (85" x 26")

CA $95

Yoga: Manduka - Sac pour tapis de Yoga • Go Steady 3.0 Mat Carrier

CA $100

Yoga: Manduka - Traversin • Bolster (Rectangular)

CA $86

Yoga Mat - B Mat Strong 6mm

CA $14

Yoga: Sangle • Strap - White

CA $25

Yoga: Tapis brun • Brown Standard

CA $50

Yoga: Tapis de Yoga Fitness Flow Yoga Mat (5mm)

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