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We are a wellbeing shop stocking a range of quality products. • eco friendly • natural • vegan • upcycled • pre-loved Our aim is to offer products that will benefit you and your immediate environment for your wellbeing.


100% Natural Loofah

Perfect for natural exfoliation and a eco-friendly/ethical alternative to plastic or animal sponges.


120g Gin & Tonic Bath Bomb Set


120g Margarita Bath Bomb Set


120g Martini Bath Bomb Set


Angel Delight Bath Bomb

Natural bath bomb with a scent that is more to delight angels than like angel delight!


Baby Powder Bath Bomb

Natural large bath bomb with baby powder scent.


♻️🌿Bamboo Cotton Buds

100 eco-friendly cotton buds.


♻️ Bamboo Toothbrush - Standard

100% Biodegradable


Bubble Gum Bath Bomb

Large natural bath bomb with reminiscent bubble gum scent.


Coconut Dream Bath Bomb

A natural bath bomb to luxuriate in. So big, could even be used in 2 halves.


De-Stress Himalayan Bath Salt


Detox Himalayan Bath Salt


Dry Body Brush

Dry body brush with pot handle and sisal bristles. A natural way of increasing circulation.


♻️Eco-Friendly 100% Natural Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal & BPA Free Plastic Bristles

A real eco option for everyday use.


Eny Greenie: The Water Witch

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