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NZ $80

Active Gel Care

An oil free light weight gel that rapidly cleans and improves skin texture. Suitable for Acne Prone.

NZ $450

Cosmelan 2

NZ $95

Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque MUKTI CLAMING CLEANSING(100g)

A deeply purifying clay masque that detoxifies the skin while imparting essential minerals.

NZ $75

DERMAL 03mm Dermal Roller 0.3mm

Rejuvenate, revitalise and create a more vibrant complexion with this customised 0.3mm dermal roller

NZ $70

Facial Cleansing Gel

NZ $40

Gua Sha

NZ $65

Hydracream Fushion

NZ $155

Melan Recovery

NZ $150


NZ $75

Mukti 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliator 100ml

A gentle 2-in-1 skin polish that deeply nourishes and cleanses the complexion.

NZ $79

Mukti Calming Cleansing Balm 95g

This luxurious cleansing balm gently melts into your skin, removing makeup and impurities.

NZ $20

Round Makeup Remover Puf

NZ $75

Soothe Me Gel/Calm Me Serum

NZ $220

Stem Cell Active Growth Serum

NZ $75

Vita Cream Day and Night

Advanced anti-oxidant to heal & hydrate skin. ACE lighten pigmentation spots & freckles.

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