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Hair care, skin care and wellness products.


Anti Bacterial hand gel

hand sanitiser


Bath ritual kit with Palo santo stick

Bath ritual kit


Caption polish (nude)

Young nails caption regular polish


Curly hair mask


Fudge dry shampoo

Dry shampoo



Reusable hairdressing gown


Haus of Greens aventurine crystal candle

Soy prosperity candle


Haus of Greens rose quartz candle

Rose quartz candle


Haus of Greens scented candle

Scented candles


Haus of Greens sunstone crystal candle

Sunstone crystal candle


Haus of Greens winter candle

Scented candle


Hblonde Hair bath


Hyrdro - control lipo cream

Day cream


Macaron Bath bomb

Bath Bomb


Mini bath ritual kit

Bath ritual kit (mini)

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