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Room for Hair

Beautiful hair, ALWAYS. Not just at the salon. An online shop to keep you stocked up with only the best.

A $12.95

Airday SPF50+ (10ml)

A $46.95

Airday SPF50+ (75ml)

A $10

Blend Clay

A $10

Blend Gel

A $10

Blend Refreshing Balm

A $31.50

Care Absolute Volume Conditioner

A $31.50

Care Absolute Volume Thermal Protector

A $36.50

Care Blonde Savior Leave-In Treatment

A $44.50

Care Blonde Savior Mask

A $33.50

Care Blonde Savior Shampoo

A $15

Care Blonde Saviour Mask

A $13.50

Care Blonde Saviour Shampoo

A $11.50

Care Bottle Pump (1L)

A $31.50

Care Colour Brillianz Conditioner

A $13.50

Care Colour Brillianz Conditioner

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