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Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa Store

Featuring our best selling products for natural anti ageing healthy solutions for face and body including Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa signature range of organic ozonated oils for face and body. Check out the new Ozonated Lip Balm!

A $99

3 Rose Quartz Bracelet

Rose Quarzt Bracelet

A $99

Amethyst Sterling Silver Bracelet

Amethyst Sterling Silver Link set Bracelet with semi precious stones

A $99

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Bracelet

Sterling Silver crystal bracelet.

A $110

Carnelian Sterling Silver Bead Earings

Sterling Silver Carnelian Earings

A $69

Crystal & Silver rings assorted

A $132

Earnings Sterling Silver Wire Weave with Lapis

Handmade Stetling Silver Wire Weave with Lapis Earings

A $99

Freshwater Black Pearl

Freshwater Black Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet

A $139


Gold Filled Swarovski Crystal's with Pearls Lapis Beads

A $320

Gold Filled Necklace

A $132

Gold filled Swarouski Crystal Earings

A $320

Gold Plated Pearl & Moonstone & Amethyst Necklace

Gold filled necklace Handmade

A $199

Lapis & Rose Quartz Pendant

A $169

Moonstone & Clear Quartz Crystal Choker

Moonstone Choker with Clear Quartz

A $359

Opal & Jasper pendant

A $320

Prenite Sterling Silver Necklace

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