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DNA Sports Performance Health & Wellness Report

All-encompassing DNA analysis covering Athletic Performance, Nutrition and Cognitive Performance

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MyDNA - Unlock the Power of your DNA


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Unlock your genetic potential for optimal sports performance and well-being with the myDNA Comprehensive Health Report. Discover your unique genetic profile, decoded in an easy-to-understand report. Explore the genes covering athletic performance, digestion, energy, stress, cognitive performance, inflammation, hormones, DNA protection, repair, and detoxification. Uncover strengths and weaknesses, including musculoskeletal, lifestyle, nutrition, and cognitive markers. Turn weaknesses into strengths using personalised strategies and a customised grocery list to maximise gene function. Benefit from research-based recommendations tailored to each gene. Get guidance on additional blood tests for deeper analysis. Take control of your sports performance and overall well-being with the latest in customized health solutions. Unlock your genetic blueprint. Reach new heights on your athletic and well-being journey.

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