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A $40

Cutis Pura Pre Shampoo Scalp Lotion

A $25

Cutis Pura Scalp & Skin Exfoliating Clay

A $32.50

Hydratonique Ultra-Conditioning Emulson

A $105.90

LC Anti-Hair Loss Intensive Treatment Lotion

A $33.50

LC Anti-Hair Loss treating shampoo

A $105

LC Homme Anti-Hair Loss Intensive Treatment lotion

A $32.50

LC Homme Male Anti-Hair loss shampoo

A $38

Oxygen Detox Mask

A $45

Oxygen Detox Peeling

A $38

Oxygen Detox Shampoo

A $95

Puroxine Anti-Dandruff Lotion

A $38

Puroxine Instant Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

A $95

Requilibre Sebum-Balancing Lotion

A $32.50

Requilibre Sebum-Balancing Shampoo

A $95

Velour Relaxing Lotion

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