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Anya’s Hair Studio Store

Anya’s Hair Studio is a proud distributor of Surface Hair Products, est.2008 in Canada. We have now added the convenience of an online store so that everyone, no matter their location, can enjoy these great products!

CA $38.50

Bassu Conditioner 8oz (Refills available in Studio)

CA $39.75

Bassu Hydrating Masque 6oz (Refills available in Studio)

CA $36.50

Bassu Hydrating Oil 2oz

CA $43

Bassu Moisture Bond

CA $34

Bassu Moisture Mist

CA $75

Bassu Shampoo 1L

CA $16.50

Bassu Shampoo 2oz

CA $39

Bassu Shine Spray

CA $72.25

Surface Bassu Holiday Trio

CA $150

Surface Bassu Litre Duo

CA $75

Bassu Conditioner 1L

CA $16.50

Bassu Conditioner 2oz

CA $94

Bassu Hydrating Oil 8oz

CA $38.50

Bassu Shampoo 10oz (Refills available in Studio)

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