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One stop for apparell and training accessories from select partners. Please note all original items are made to order and we will contact you to confirm Size, Colour and Style of relevant products you purchase.


Active B12, Ferritin, Thyroid Advanced Profile and Vitamin D


Active B12, folate, advanced thyroid, vitamin D


Advanced thyroid, Active and total b12, folate and iron [THV542,TF2]


Advanced Thyroid Function


Baseline & basic thyroid [THV396]


Basic Sports Nutrition [THV445]


Basic Thyroid Function


Basic thyroid, vitamin D [THV439]


Cholesterol [LIPP]


CRP (High Sensitivity)


Diabetes Check [GHB]


Energy with Advanced Thyroid [THV100]


Essential Health


Essential + total B12 [THV727]


Free testosterone profile (FTEST), Lipid Profile (LIPP), Oestradiol (OEST), Vitamin D (VITD)

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