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Coote's Beauty Bar

Coote's Beauty Bar

UK, 199 Bramhall Lane, Cheshire Davenport, SK2 6JA, England

Jalupro treatment

1h - 3h


Lash lift



Elim basic pedicure (Without gel toes)



Gel Nails

45min - 1h 45min


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Barbershop image for Romiley Ink Custom Tattoo Studio

Romiley Ink Custom Tattoo Studio

First Floor, 74 Compstall Rd, Romiley, Stockport SK6 4DE, United Kingdom

+44 161 971 1574+44 161 971 1574Call to book

Men's Haircut

Aesthetics image for Stargaze Aesthetic Beauty

Stargaze Aesthetic Beauty

172 Hyde Rd, Denton, Manchester M34 3DN, United Kingdom

+44 161 320 7826+44 161 320 7826Call to book

Stretch Mark Removal

Skin Tightening

LED Light Therapy

Hair Transplants

Beauty Salon image for Superdrug


4-6 Mersey Square, Cheshire, Stockport, SK1 1NU, United Kingdom

+44 161 477 1779+44 161 477 1779Call to book

Men's Facial

Aesthetics image for Clever Contours

Clever Contours

Suite 1, BOWDEN HALL, Marple, Stockport SK6 6NE, United Kingdom

+44 800 246 5411+44 800 246 5411Call to book

Stretch Mark Removal


Laser Hair Removal

Dermal Fillers

Therapy Center image for Marple Physiotherapy

Marple Physiotherapy

39 Market St, Marple, Stockport SK6 7AA, United Kingdom

+44 161 426 0100+44 161 426 0100Call to book


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Dry Needling

Massage image for RAW Therapies

RAW Therapies

178A London Rd, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7 4DJ, United Kingdom

+44 7894 552111+44 7894 552111Call to book

Foot Massage


Sports Massage

Swedish Massage

Aesthetics image for Envi-U | Hydrafacial Stockport

Envi-U | Hydrafacial Stockport

160 Buxton Rd, Stockport, SK2 6HA, United Kingdom

+44 7493 943471+44 7493 943471Call to book

Stretch Mark Removal

Cellulite Treatment

LED Light Therapy


Aesthetics image for CC Aesthetics

CC Aesthetics

120-122 Stockport Rd, Marple, Stockport SK6 6AH, United Kingdom

+44 7904 184089+44 7904 184089Call to book

Stretch Mark Removal

IPL Treatment

Laser Resurfacing

Lip Fillers

Aesthetics image for NS Clinic

NS Clinic

5 Fawley Ave, Hyde, SK14 5AF, United Kingdom

+44 7388 533010+44 7388 533010Call to book

Stretch Mark Removal

Dermal Fillers


Skin Tightening

Aesthetics image for NS Beauty Aesthetics - Eyelash Extension -Lip filler -Botox Microblading-Lip tattooing-Fat dissolve-Body filler

NS Beauty Aesthetics - Eyelash Extension -Lip filler -Botox Microblading-Lip tattooing-Fat dissolve-Body filler

515 Buxton Rd, Stockport, SK2 7HJ, United Kingdom

+44 7453 296000+44 7453 296000Call to book

Stretch Mark Removal

Anti-Wrinkle Injections


Laser Resurfacing

Beauty Salon image for Me Time Beauty Therapy

Me Time Beauty Therapy

515 Buxton Rd, Hazel Grove, Stockport, SK2 7HJ, United Kingdom

+44 7495 649074+44 7495 649074Call to book

Facial Extractions




Beauty Salon image for Superdrug


Unit 3 Market St, Marple, Stockport SK6 7AA, United Kingdom

+44 161 449 7875+44 161 449 7875Call to book

Men's Facial

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Stretch Mark Removal FAQs

Some of the best treatments for stretch mark removal include laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and retinoid creams.

Effectiveness often depends on your age and severity of the stretch marks. However, many treatments can significantly reduce their appearance.

Costs depend on the specific treatment and the extent of the stretch marks. In Romiley, prices range from £70 to £200, with an average cost of £70 per treatment.

While home remedies probably won't remove stretch marks completely, they can help reduce their appearance. Home remedies include massaging the skin with coconut oil or aloe vera, or using a sugar scrub to exfoliate the area.

Potential side effects can include temporary skin irritation, redness, and swelling. Invasive treatments like laser therapy could cause skin damage if not performed correctly. Make sure to find a qualified medical professional with a great track record to perform your treatment.

As with most skin treatments, results can take time and multiple sessions. Expect to see noticeable improvement after several weeks or months.

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Stretch marks are completely normal and occur when the skin stretches or shrinks. They can crop up virtually anywhere, and most adults experience stretch marks at some point.

And while they're perfectly harmless, some people seek stretch mark removal to help minimise the appearance of these scars. Skin clinics in Romiley offer techniques like microdermabrasion and laser and light therapy. All of these effective options can help make stretch marks less noticeable. Stretch mark removal appointments range between £70 and £200 nearby, and you can book instantly with the professionals in a tap through the Fresha mobile app.

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