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5Physio Shenfield

5Physio Shenfield

66 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Brentwood, England


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Massage image for AQ Sports Massage

AQ Sports Massage

Oliver Rd, Shenfield, Brentwood CM15 8QA, United Kingdom

+44 7730 346497+44 7730 346497Call to book


Deep Tissue Massage

Foot Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Therapy Center image for Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd

Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd

24 Tallon Rd, Hutton, Brentwood CM13 1TE, United Kingdom

+44 1277 219553+44 1277 219553Call to book


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Therapy Center image for Spinal Care Clinics

Spinal Care Clinics

2 Avenue Rd, Warley, Brentwood CM14 5EL, United Kingdom

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Dry Needling


Therapy Center image for Positive Health Clinic

Positive Health Clinic

105 High St, Brentwood, CM14 4RR, United Kingdom

+44 7943 044147+44 7943 044147Call to book


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Dry Needling


Massage image for Essex Wellbeing Clinic & Essex Bowen Clinic Brentwood

Essex Wellbeing Clinic & Essex Bowen Clinic Brentwood

Clinic of Complementary Medicine, Essex Bowen Clinic, 31 Shenfield Rd, Brentwood CM15 8AG, United Kingdom

+44 7940 017404+44 7940 017404Call to book

Prenatal Massage

Remedial Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Physiotherapy FAQs

You're likely to pay around £50 for a physiotherapy appointment in Shenfield.

Physiotherapy uses movement, manual therapy, and exercise to promote recovery from injury, illness or disability. If you visit a physiotherapist, you’re likely to be encouraged to support your recovery by doing set exercises at home.

Physiotherapy can help improve issues with the bones, joints and soft tissue (e.g. back pain, sports injuries). It can also aid movement problems brought about from brain or nerve trauma including strokes and multiple sclerosis. If you suffer from cystic fibrosis, breathing, and heart and circulation issues, you may also benefit from physiotherapy.

This really depends on your need and level of progress. Minor injuries may take 2-3 sessions to relieve; soft tissue injuries could take longer (6-8 weeks), and severe or chronic conditions could take two or more months. Physiotherapy is always tailored to individual needs, so it’s best to ask your physiotherapist how many sessions you’re likely to require.

You’ll have an initial consultation before treatment begins to allow your physiotherapist to understand exactly what’s wrong and how best they can help you. During treatment, your physiotherapist might use their hands to relieve pain and improve your body’s movement, give you exercises to strengthen and boost your mobility and health, and make suggestions on changes you can make at home or work to prevent further injury or improve posture.

It depends: some physiotherapy can be done at home (your physiotherapist is likely to give you exercises to practise at home anyway); but some treatments may need to be carried out at your physiotherapist’s clinic.

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You can get off to a flying start with the physiotherapists on Fresha nearby in Shenfield. Whether you're recovering after an injury or in search of successful sciatica treatment, physiotherapy has it in the bag.

There are various approaches and combined techniques using physical therapy alongside the likes of ultrasound and infrared therapy. You should find relief with reduced pain, decreased inflammation and better range of movement. It takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour to start getting you back on track, and you can expect to pay around £50 on average to see a physiotherapist in Shenfield.

This could be the start of a winning partnership. Start browsing the 110,000 salons and clinics across 120 countries on Fresha. We've attracted all the best therapy centres globally. How? By offering the number one online booking system available for therapists and wellness practitioners. So you can find world-class treatments in the UK today and then again in whichever corner of the globe you may land in tomorrow. And if you know of any impressive Shenfield professionals, we'd love to know. Send us the details at hello@fresha.com. Or if you've already found your favourite therapy business here, go on, book in and enjoy.

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