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Best Lymphatic Drainage Massages Near Me in Newtown, Liverpool

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The Beauty Suite

The Beauty Suite

Hk barbers, 78 Greenfield Road, Saint Helens, WA10 6Sl, England


Clinicare Dermaplane, Skin Needling, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Facemask



Machine brow top up



Spmu Consultation



Make Up Bridal Price On Request



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The Skin Works

The Skin Works

213 Boundary Road, Saint Helens, WA10 2LP, England

Women only

Ultimate Glow

1h 20min


Luxury Microdermabrasion

1h 15min


Clinicare Full Works

1h 30min


Million Dollar Dermaplane



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Mind-Body Balance Massage Therapist Kamila Blyskal-Pawlowska

Mind-Body Balance Massage Therapist Kamila Blyskal-Pawlowska



Saint Helens, 11 Fosters Road, Haydock, WA11 0DH, England




Manual Lymphatic Drainage

45min - 1h 30min


Lip wax



Deep Tissue Massage



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Massage image for Bridge Therapies

Bridge Therapies

90 Dilloway St, Denton's Green, St Helens, Saint Helens WA10 4LP, United Kingdom

+44 7941 380158+44 7941 380158Call to book

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Prenatal Massage

Relaxing Massage

Remedial Massage

Beauty Salon image for Renaissance Skincare & Beauty

Renaissance Skincare & Beauty

7 Leyland St, Prescot, L34 5QP, United Kingdom

+44 151 431 0348+44 151 431 0348Call to book

Makeup Service



Acne Facial

Beauty Salon image for Escape Beauty & Spa

Escape Beauty & Spa

24 Victoria Terrace, Rainhill, Prescot L35 0LH, United Kingdom

+44 151 426 6792+44 151 426 6792Call to book

Acne Facial

Chemical Peel


Facial Extractions

Therapy Center image for Sandy Mount Physiotherapy Centre

Sandy Mount Physiotherapy Centre

91 Corporation St, Saint Helens, WA10 1SX, United Kingdom

+44 1744 345299+44 1744 345299Call to book


Dry Needling


Massage image for Thai Spa Traditional/Sport Massage

Thai Spa Traditional/Sport Massage

70 Claughton St, Saint Helens, WA10 1SN, United Kingdom

+44 7850 432486+44 7850 432486Call to book

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Foot Massage


Sports Massage

Massage image for Tawan Thai Massage

Tawan Thai Massage

123 Duke St, Saint Helens, WA10 2JG, United Kingdom

+44 7838 649970+44 7838 649970Call to book

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Chinese Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Foot Massage

Massage image for Relax and Reflex Clinical Reflexology

Relax and Reflex Clinical Reflexology

Based at The Therapy Hut, 188 Rainhill Rd, Rainhill, Prescot L35 4PE, United Kingdom

+44 7442 648399+44 7442 648399Call to book

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Swedish Massage

Chinese Massage

Couples Massage

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage FAQs

Lymph is a naturally occuring body fluid that removes waste and toxins from your internal tissues; it moves around the body in lymph vessels, passing through lymph nodes which filter out damaged cells and destroys harmful substances. When the nodes become blocked, a lymphatic drainage massage is used to get the fluid moving again. This type of massage can help reduce water retention and bloating, but it’s also frequently used in cancer treatments because it can help filter out cancerous cells. If you go for a lymphatic drainage massage don’t expect any deep tissue stimulation; lymph sits close to the skin’s surface, which means the masseuse only needs to use light pressure to encourage lymph flow. 1

If you’re booking in with an experienced lymphatic drainage therapist, you should expect to pay between £30 and £300 for your massage.

Lymphatic drainage massages are proven to benefit people with lymphedema. There are other suggested benefits too, but these aren’t yet supported by evidence-based research.

If you are suffering with acute inflammation, malignant tumours, thrombosis or heart problems, it might be best to avoid a lymphatic drainage massage. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Lymphatic vessels can become impaired or blocked after surgery, an injury that has caused swelling, disease (such as cancer) or an infection; if you’ve experienced any of these, you could benefit from a lymphatic drainage massage which will help get the fluids moving and working properly again. If in doubt, consult your doctor – they’ll be best able to advise you whether or not to have this kind of massage.

Everyone is different, but some of the effects you might experience after a lymphatic drainage massage include relaxation, a boosted immune system, increased energy and thirst, reduced swelling and bloating, and a need to urinate. If you’ve been suffering with a virus, you may experience flu-like symptoms as the lymph works harder to remove it from your body.

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A dry brushing massage is thought to encourage circulation, provide better fluid balance and detox the body of waste build-up. It's a technique used in decongestive therapy and might be referred to as a lymphatic drainage massage.

The benefits can be less bloating and reduced inflammation. So if you're looking for a gentler type of massage with overall health benefits, give drainage massage a try. You can book lymph drainage massage and dry brushing in Newtown from £30.

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