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Hannah’s Lilac Room

Hannah’s Lilac Room



8038 N 600 W Suite 200 Mccordsville, IN 46055, 200, Mccordsville, 46055, Indiana

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Lash Lift FAQs

A lash lift is a bit like a perm for your natural eyelashes: lashes are curled from the base to the tip using a tiny curling rod and a special perming solution. It’s a great, low-maintenance alternative to falsies. Lash lifts should always be carried out by an experienced, certified professional.

Salon charges vary, but in Rural Indiana, you should expect to pay between $90 and $90 for a lash lift.

A good lash lift will last between 4-6 weeks, although it depends how quickly your eyelashes grow.

No, not if you go to an experienced, certified eyelash technician. Inexperienced technicians may over-process your lashes which can cause damage, so always go to a qualified therapist, and check their reviews before you book. Lash lifts can also damage your lashes if they are redone too soon after a previous lift – so always leave at least 4 weeks between treatments.

A lash lift uses a mini curling tool to shape your natural lashes, whereas eyelash extensions are false lashes that are applied to your natural eyelashes using a special type of glue.

Lash lifts are low maintenance and tend to be more affordable than eyelash extensions. They last for between 6-8 weeks and can make your eyes appear larger. You can also apply mascara to your lashes when you’ve had a lash lift. However, lash lifts don’t work on short eyelashes, and they can damage your natural lashes if your technician over-processes them or if you have lash lifts too frequently (always wait at least 4 weeks between treatments). For the best results, make sure your lash lifts are carried out by a certified, experienced technician.

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Instant access to a catalogue of outstanding salons and therapy centres in just a few taps. If you like that sound of that, then you may want to keep reading. At Fresha we've created a booking site that’s so simple to use, you'll be wondering why you bothered using anything else. Find brow and lash studios in Rural Indiana offering must-have treatments at great prices. Search, choose, book, and repeat.

A night out or night in, there's always a good excuse for some self-care. See what Rural Indiana has to offer when it comes to brows and lashes. If you're in the mood for a little TLC, check out the great range of treatments available on Fresha. We've got local brow and lash studios offering treatments and services close to you. You can also see what Fresha customers are saying about all the best businesses rated 5.0 stars on average in your area.

A lash lift is a lamination technique to give curl, length and volume to your natural lashes. It's super low maintenance, so it's a great alternative to lash extensions without the need for regular refill.

A semi-permanent serum is lacquered onto your lashes to give the curling effect of a lash perm. It should last between 5 and 8 weeks depending how quickly your lashes grow out. You can find vegan treatments and LVL lashes for length, volume and lift in Rural Indiana. Set aside around 55 minutes for an eyelash lift at top-rated salons nearby. Prices start at $90.

With over 700 million appointments booked worldwide, we're looking forward to adding your name to the list of satisfied customers. 450,000 professionals and 100,000 businesses have chosen to partner with Fresha around the globe, all using our free appointment scheduler. So we're pretty confident that you'll find what you're looking for. If you experience any hiccups, head over to our help centre so we can resolve it for you. Don’t forget, we're not just active in Rural Indiana, United States. Fresha is live in more than 120 countries worldwide. So if you're going global, we'll be right there with you.

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