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Amoret Beauty and Spa

Amoret Beauty and Spa



Cra. 112a #79-03, Villas de Granada, Piso 2-3, Bogotá Engativá, Villas De Granada, 111031, Cundinamarca

Lifting botox


COP 100,000

Corte Hongo


COP 60,000

Hidratación Capilar de Botox con Vaporozono


COP 90,000

Curso de cejas y pestañas


COP 1,800,000

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The Barber Colombia

The Barber Colombia



Avenida Carrera 19 150-93, Piso 2, Bogotá Las Margaritas, 110131, Cundinamarca

Lifting de Pestañas


COP 40,000

Corte Estandar


COP 38,000

Combo de Lujo

1h 30min

COP 80,000

Drenaje linfático


COP 70,000

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The Romez Nails

The Romez Nails



The Romez Nails Studio, Carrera 121 64 A 24, segundo piso, Bogotá Engativá, Engativa, 111031, Cundinamarca

balsamo para cejas y pestañas


COP 25,000

Liftingh Natural


COP 45,000

Servicio Jelly Spa


COP 5,000

Depilacion Pierna Completa


COP 45,000

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Lash Lift FAQs

A lash lift is a bit like a perm for your natural eyelashes: lashes are curled from the base to the tip using a tiny curling rod and a special perming solution. It’s a great, low-maintenance alternative to falsies. Lash lifts should always be carried out by an experienced, certified professional.

Salon charges vary, but in Bogotá, you should expect to pay between COP 25,000 and COP 100,000 for a lash lift.

A good lash lift will last between 4-6 weeks, although it depends how quickly your eyelashes grow.

No, not if you go to an experienced, certified eyelash technician. Inexperienced technicians may over-process your lashes which can cause damage, so always go to a qualified therapist, and check their reviews before you book. Lash lifts can also damage your lashes if they are redone too soon after a previous lift – so always leave at least 4 weeks between treatments.

A lash lift uses a mini curling tool to shape your natural lashes, whereas eyelash extensions are false lashes that are applied to your natural eyelashes using a special type of glue.

Lash lifts are low maintenance and tend to be more affordable than eyelash extensions. They last for between 6-8 weeks and can make your eyes appear larger. You can also apply mascara to your lashes when you’ve had a lash lift. However, lash lifts don’t work on short eyelashes, and they can damage your natural lashes if your technician over-processes them or if you have lash lifts too frequently (always wait at least 4 weeks between treatments). For the best results, make sure your lash lifts are carried out by a certified, experienced technician.

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Thicker, fuller and longer lashes are the endgame of the lash lift treatments in Bogotá. You could skip out on mascara, or layer it up to amplify your eyes further.

And there's no mountain too high when it comes to lash curls. So for high-achieving lashes, give a lash perm a whirl. Popular lash-perming treatments in Bogotá include LVL and the classic lash lift. So go on and treat yourself, with appointments starting at COP 25,000 nearby.

So the search is over. Your new brows and lashes match in Bogotá is right here. And heads up, we've partnered with over 110,000 businesses and 450,000 professionals around the world, so when you go on holiday, we're coming along. Wherever your beauty and wellness journey takes you, don't hesitate to hop over to our help centre for some extra advice. And if you happen to know any Colombia business owners looking to grow their business, tell them about our free, feature-packed software. So you pack the passports, and we'll provide the spray tans. Bon voyage.

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