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Salon Of Dreams - Lavender Love Day Spa

Salon Of Dreams - Lavender Love Day Spa

3 Rangeview Road, Brakpan Dalpark, 1543, Gauteng



ZAR 8,030



ZAR 8,450



ZAR 1,050

STRANDS OF LOVE EXTENSIONS MAINTENANCE - 40 tapes 8 weeks 40TAPES( Cash Price R1100)


ZAR 1,177

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Hair Salon image for Hair 4 U

Hair 4 U

97 Devon Ave, Dalview, Brakpan, 1541, South Africa

+27 11 740 0599+27 11 740 0599Call to book

Hair Extensions


Permanent Hair Straightening

Wig Installation

Beauty Salon image for Voila Aesthetics and Fitness

Voila Aesthetics and Fitness

20 Bekker St, Dalview, Brakpan, 1541, South Africa

+27 83 564 6480+27 83 564 6480Call to book




Makeup Service

Hair Salon image for Heavenly Hair

Heavenly Hair

12 Cardigan St, Dalview, Brakpan, 1541, South Africa

+27 76 608 5545+27 76 608 5545Call to book

Hair Extensions

Keratin Treatment


Permanent Hair Straightening

Hair Salon image for Magdel's Hair Studio

Magdel's Hair Studio

12 Carney St, Minnebron, Brakpan, 1549, South Africa

+27 60 503 8821+27 60 503 8821Call to book

Hair Extensions

Children's Haircut

Curly Haircut

Hair Braiding

Hair Salon image for Fringe Hair Salon

Fringe Hair Salon

18 Porter St, Brakpan, 1540, South Africa

+27 61 006 2990+27 61 006 2990Call to book

Hair Extensions


Permanent Hair Straightening

Wig Installation

Hair Salon image for Melody Mobile Hair Treatment and Braiding

Melody Mobile Hair Treatment and Braiding

Ex5, 35 Moepel St, Dalpark, Brakpan, 1541, South Africa

+27 84 342 1738+27 84 342 1738Call to book

Hair Extensions


Hair Braiding

Hair Colouring

Nail Salon image for Crystal Clawz Johannesburg

Crystal Clawz Johannesburg

98 Athlone Ave, Dalpark, Brakpan, 1543, South Africa

+27 82 259 0128+27 82 259 0128Call to book

Men's Manicure

Men's Pedicure

Nail Extensions

Nail Polish

Hair Salon image for Chantell's Hair Studio

Chantell's Hair Studio

162 Springs Rd, Randcoleries, Brakpan, 1549, South Africa

+27 84 581 1483+27 84 581 1483Call to book

Hair Extensions

Keratin Treatment

Blow Dry


Beauty Salon image for Post Office Hairdressers

Post Office Hairdressers

724 Voortrekker Rd, Brakpan, 1541, South Africa

+27 82 893 3959+27 82 893 3959Call to book

Makeup Service


Hair Salon image for La Grand Amour

La Grand Amour

16 Hendrik St, Sunair Park, Brakpan, 1549, South Africa

+27 76 353 1496+27 76 353 1496Call to book

Hair Extensions

Hair Treatment

Keratin Treatment


Hair Salon image for Kurly Kidz Hair Salon Carnival Centre

Kurly Kidz Hair Salon Carnival Centre

Shop no. 15, Carnival Centre, 66 Lawrence St, Dalpark, Brakpan, 1543, South Africa

+27 61 583 0594+27 61 583 0594Call to book

Hair Extensions

Hair Treatment

Hair Weaves

Keratin Treatment

Hair Extensions FAQs

Hair extensions are strands of real or synthetic hair that are attached to the root of your own hair to give you fuller, longer-looking locks.

The cost depends on the type of hair extensions you choose, but you should expect to pay between ZAR 1,050 and ZAR 8,450.

The longevity of hair extensions depends upon the type you go for. Tape-in hair extensions last between 4-8 weeks; clip-ins can last 6-12 months depending on how well you take care of them; weaves (sew-in extensions) last 6-8 weeks; and both bond extensions and microlinks can last up to 12 weeks. You can extend their lifespan by looking after them correctly, so ask your stylist for advice.

There are five main types of real or synthetic hair extensions:

  1. Clip-in – easy, temporary option that you simply clip onto your own hair.
  2. Tape – strands of hair which are taped or glued to the roots of your natural hair.
  3. Bonds – thin strands that are glued to your natural hair using heated keratin.
  4. Weaves/Sew-in – hair strands that are sewn or braided to cornrows made with your own hair.
  5. Microlink – thin strands of hair that are pulled through a silicone bead and clamped onto your natural hair.

You should care for real hair extensions just as you would your natural hair: brush, wash and condition them without overdoing it at the root, which could loosen the bonding. Synthetic extensions can be washed in cool water with a small amount of mild shampoo before applying a leave-in conditioner. It’s also advisable to book once-monthly appointments with your stylist to ensure the proper upkeep of your hair extensions.

Your hairstylist will be able to advise you on the best type of extension for you based on your hair type and the look you are trying to achieve. Natural hair extensions are better than synthetic, which can’t be heat-styled.

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