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Hair Salon image for The Refinery Hair and Beauty

The Refinery Hair and Beauty

30 High St, Higham Ferrers, Rushden NN10 8BL, United Kingdom

+44 1933 312278+44 1933 312278Call to book

Curly Haircut

Blow Dry

Hair Extensions


Hair Salon image for Rebels Hairdressers

Rebels Hairdressers

48 High St, Higham Ferrers, Rushden NN10 8BL, United Kingdom

+44 1933 312462+44 1933 312462Call to book


Children's Haircut

Curly Haircut

Blow Dry

Beauty Salon image for Browwow Hair and Beauty

Browwow Hair and Beauty

Unit GS07, Southwalk, Rushden, NN10 6FL, United Kingdom

+44 7481 133614+44 7481 133614Call to book

Facial Extractions



Acne Facial

Beauty Salon image for Serenity Medispa

Serenity Medispa

70 Higham Rd, Rushden, NN10 6DD, United Kingdom

+44 1933 224998+44 1933 224998Call to book

Facial Extractions

Makeup Service



Beauty Salon image for Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar Counter

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar Counter

Unit C1, North Walk, Rushden N10 6FG, United Kingdom

+44 343 909 2035+44 343 909 2035Call to book

Facial Extractions


Makeup Service

Beauty Salon image for THE CACI SKIN RETREAT


181 Wollaston Rd, Irchester, Wellingborough NN29 7DD, United Kingdom

+44 7872 922143+44 7872 922143Call to book

Facial Extractions


Acne Facial

Chemical Peel

Tattoo & Piercing image for Ink & Lasers

Ink & Lasers

38 Newton Rd, Rushden, NN10 0HD, United Kingdom

+44 7460 150356+44 7460 150356Call to book

Permanent Makeup


Tattoo Removal

Body Piercing

Nail Salon image for Beauty Treats

Beauty Treats

13 Fitzwilliam Leys, Higham Ferrers, Rushden NN10 8LY, United Kingdom

+44 7776 191903+44 7776 191903Call to book

Fish Pedicure

Gel Nails


Nail Art

Beauty Salon image for Beauty And Spa By Jane

Beauty And Spa By Jane

Birchall Rd, Rushden, NN10 9RQ, United Kingdom

+44 7411 945801+44 7411 945801Call to book

Facial Extractions

Acne Facial


Makeup Service

Beauty Salon image for Simply Beauty

Simply Beauty

6 Hamblin Court, Rushden, NN10 0RU, United Kingdom

+44 1933 418118+44 1933 418118Call to book

Facial Extractions

Acne Facial

Bridal Makeup


Waxing Salon image for Massage Works (massage and waxing for men)

Massage Works (massage and waxing for men)

York Rd, Higham Ferrers, Rushden NN10 8HZ, United Kingdom

+44 7794 204207+44 7794 204207Call to book

Brazilian Waxing

Hollywood Waxing


Back Waxing

Facial Extractions FAQs

An extraction facial is a deep cleanse designed to clear clogged and compacted pores on your face. They’re popular because they can help brighten the skin, reduce breakouts, and allow skin products to be absorbed more effectively.

Sometimes, but everyone’s unique and whether or not you feel pain during a facial extraction depends on your body’s pain threshold and the overall health of your skin.

Around 5-7 days. Make sure to follow your dermatologist’s instructions on how to take care of your skin post treatment to ensure your skin heals well and without scarring.

If you have severe acne or cysts on your face, or if you are taking medication that affects your skin health, you should probably steer away from facial extractions. If you’re in doubt about whether or not to try a facial extraction, ask your certified dermatologist – they’ll know what treatments your skin will respond to best.

Yes. You may experience redness, blotchiness, breakouts and irritation after a facial extraction. You may also see scarring and your skin could become dry and itchy.

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