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Esthetics by Maria Lynn

Esthetics by Maria Lynn



Livonia, Livonia, Michigan

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The Michigan Beautician

30997 Five Mile Rd Ste. 303, Livonia, MI 48154

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Hair Studio

33487 W Seven Mile Rd, Livonia, MI 48152

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Q nail tan hair spa

33523 W 8 Mile Rd s8, Livonia, MI 48152, USA

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J D's Nails

30460 Eight Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336

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Eyebrow Waxing FAQs

Eyebrow waxing shapes and defines your brows removing unwanted hair with cold wax strips or hot wax. Once the wax is applied to the target areas, it cools and grips the hair; the therapist will then press down firmly on it, and quickly strip the wax off in the opposite direction of your hair’s growth, plucking out the hair from the root.

Your hair needs to grow a sufficient length in order for the wax to grip it, so leave 4-6 weeks between your eyebrow waxing appointments.

Firstly, check your eyebrow hair is long enough (at least ¼ of an inch/6mm) for the wax to grip, then consider what kind of shape you want your eyebrow to have so you can tell your therapist. Before you head to your appointment, make sure you aren’t wearing eye make-up.

Your therapist will begin by cleansing your brows to remove any makeup or lotions that could hinder the effectiveness of the waxing; they’ll then apply a pre-wax oil or serum to the eyebrow region to help ensure the wax sticks to your hair, not your skin. Next, they’ll apply the wax (cold wax strips warmed in their hands, or hot wax) to the area(s) you want hair removed from, let it set for a few seconds, before holding your skin taut and quickly pulling the hardened wax off in the opposite direction of your hair growth. They’ll repeat this until all the wax is removed, and then use tweezers to remove any remaining hair the wax wasn’t able to grip. To finish, your therapist will probably apply a soothing balm to reduce inflammation and redness.

Eyebrow waxing is considered a safe treatment when it’s done correctly, but it can damage the skin, cause burning and even scarring if it is carried out incorrectly. It is likely to cause temporary reddening, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Ask your therapist about the associated risks before you book.

Yes, but the risks of skin damage increase if brow waxing isn’t carried out by a professional. If you do want to wax your brows at home, opt for a home-waxing kit that uses hard wax, which is easier to remove.

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Eyebrow waxing is a top treatment to get bushy brows in control. Hairs can grow back thinner, so if you're looking for a less dense look and a low-maintenance routine, brow waxing is a top pick.

And the treatment itself is super speedy but leaves long-lasting results. So for a stronger eyebrow game, get a reboot and wax hairs straight from the root. Prices start from $10 in Livonia, and you can keep on top of regular appointments with breezy rebookings through the Fresha mobile app.

So your journey to self-care satisfaction is nearly complete. It only takes one brow and lash technician, in one Livonia brow and lash studio, to take you from status quo to exceptional. Head to our help centre if you'd like extra help getting there. And know that we're aiming for exceptional, too. We've booked 1 billion appointments in 120 countries around the world, including the US, and we work with over 450,000 professionals — and counting. Millions of business owners have partnered with Fresha, using our best-in-class, free program to serve you better. With Fresha, arriving at your dream wellness destination is as simple as walking through the salon doors.

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