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Eyelove Beauty

Eyelove Beauty



2180 Story Road, Ste 102, San Jose Cassell, 95122, California


Brow Tint/Stain



Eyelove Swift Lash Lift



BFF "BOGO" Special - Flash 2.0 Keratin Lift

1h 20min


CryoSlim Body Slim/Tone Single



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Waxing Salon image for PureWax and Beauty

PureWax and Beauty

1773 E Capitol Expy STE#214, San Jose, CA 95121, USA

+1 408-539-5858+1 408-539-5858Call to book

Brazilian Waxing

Hollywood Waxing


Back Waxing

Beauty Salon image for Kathy’s Beauty Salon

Kathy’s Beauty Salon

1577 Alum Rock Ave B, San Jose, CA 95116, USA

+1 408-258-7834+1 408-258-7834Call to book


Makeup Service

Beauty Salon image for Evergreen Threading & Skincare

Evergreen Threading & Skincare

2560 Aborn Rd, San Jose, CA 95121, USA

+1 408-422-5426+1 408-422-5426Call to book

Facial Extractions

Henna Tattoos

Makeup Service

Men's Facial

Beauty Salon image for Eyebrows Threading

Eyebrows Threading

2875 Croft Dr, San Jose, CA 95148, USA

+1 408-593-0889+1 408-593-0889Call to book



Henna Tattoos

Makeup Service

Eyebrows & Lashes image for Beautiful You

Beautiful You

999 Story Rd UNIT 9018, San Jose, CA 95122, USA

+1 408-606-9999+1 408-606-9999Call to book

Eyebrow Tinting

Lash Lift and Tint

Eyebrow Threading

Eyelash Extensions

Beauty Salon image for TJ Brows & Lashes . Nails . Hair . Facial

TJ Brows & Lashes . Nails . Hair . Facial

3005 Silver Creek Rd Ste 106, San Jose, CA 95121, USA

+1 408-643-3925+1 408-643-3925Call to book



Makeup Service

Beauty Salon image for Amarjeet Beauty Parlor

Amarjeet Beauty Parlor

3128 Edenbank Dr, San Jose, CA 95148, USA

+1 408-274-3450+1 408-274-3450Call to book





Nail Salon image for ALUM ROCK HAIR & NAILS


2904 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95127, USA

+1 408-449-5113+1 408-449-5113Call to book

Fish Pedicure

Gel Nails


Nail Art

Eyebrows & Lashes image for Brow by Cathy Le

Brow by Cathy Le

1956 Aborn Rd, San Jose, CA 95121, USA

+1 408-348-6388+1 408-348-6388Call to book

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash Extensions

Brow Lamination

Beauty Salon image for House Of Beauty SJ

House Of Beauty SJ

1611 Capitol Expy # 202, San Jose, CA 95121, USA

+1 669-241-8481+1 669-241-8481Call to book

Makeup Service

Nail Salon image for Beauty Queen Nails salon

Beauty Queen Nails salon

255 N White Rd, San Jose, CA 95127, USA

+1 408-258-4603+1 408-258-4603Call to book

Men's Pedicure

Nail Extensions

Nail Polish

Spa Pedicure

Beauty Salon image for Pulvy Boutique & Eyebrow Threading

Pulvy Boutique & Eyebrow Threading

2652 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116, USA

+1 408-531-8091+1 408-531-8091Call to book



Makeup Service


Beauty Salon image for Vogue Threading Lounge

Vogue Threading Lounge

1690 Story Rd #102, San Jose, CA 95122, USA

+1 408-259-1180+1 408-259-1180Call to book


Top reviews of Eyebrow Tinting in Cassell


Average of 2 reviews of 1 venue.

  • LA

    Leilani A.

    18 Dec 2023

    Eyelove Beauty


    126 reviews

    2180 Story Road, Ste 102, San Jose Cassell, 95122, California

    Eyelove Beauty

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  • Amazing service


    Florentino H.

    18 Aug 2023

    Eyelove Beauty


    126 reviews

    2180 Story Road, Ste 102, San Jose Cassell, 95122, California

    Eyelove Beauty

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Eyebrow Tinting FAQs

Eyebrow tinting enhances the natural colour of your eyebrows with a semi-permanent dye. The dye is mixed and applied to your brow hairs to give them a darker, fuller appearance.

If you get your brows tinted by a professional and follow their care instructions, your new shade should last 4-6 weeks. If you tint your eyebrows using an at-home kit, the colour isn’t likely to last as long.

Your eyebrow technician is likely to start by cleaning your brows and then protecting the area surrounding them with a thin layer of petroleum jelly; this prevents unwanted staining from the dye. Your eyebrow tint will then be mixed, applied to your brows, and left to set for several minutes. Once your eyebrows have reached the colour you want, the dye and the petroleum jelly will be removed with a damp cloth.

Eyebrow tinting is deemed relatively safe, however you should have a patch test to check if you’re allergic to any of the dye ingredients before you have your eyebrows tinted. Allergic reactions could include a burning sensation, irritation, or hair loss.

Yes, you can use an at-home eyebrow dying kit if you’d prefer to tint your brows at home. It’s worth knowing that professional salons and eyebrow technicians have access to higher-quality products than those found in home-dying kits. What’s more, because they’re experts in their field, they’re more likely to give you the results you want.

The cost of eyebrow tinting in Cassell is around $32.

Book your next eyebrow tinting appointment in Cassell with Fresha

Fresha is the best place to book your next brow and lash appointment in Cassell. With Fresha, you can shop around for the best brow and lash studios, schedule your appointment at a time convenient for you, and pay for your treatment securely online. No more back-and-forth or lost appointment cards. Spend less time booking and more time feeling good.

Kick-start your beauty and wellness journey with Fresha. And we'll instantly show you all the available appointments near you. When it comes to brow and lash studios in Cassell, you'll be spoilt for choice. To help you narrow it down, you can read reviews from real Fresha customers who have already done the hard work for you. The reviews speak for themselves. Businesses near you have an average rating of 4.9 stars. So you can trust you're in the hands of the best in the business.

For brows that look healthy and full, we'll give you a hint. It's all about the eyebrow tint.

Save time on makeup application and enhance your natural brows. And professional eyebrow tinting can last for weeks. So it's a great shout if you're all about low maintenance. Get your hands on a lash and brow tint treat, for the ultimate makeup hack. So for bolder brows, check out eyebrow tinting in Cassell. Appointments take as little as 15 minutes, with prices starting at $20.

Not only have we coordinated over 700 million appointments worldwide, we're earning praise from our 100,000 global business partners about our free platform too. Having the best business management software makes it easy to attract all the best brow and lash studios. So things are looking good for your appointment, too. If you know someone who runs a salon or clinic, or you'd like to share feedback with us, drop us a line at hello@fresha.com. We're here to be your go-to guide for all things wellness in Cassell, in the US, and around the world.

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